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Hans Worst Hits of the 2000’s- “Rockstar”- Nickelback. I almost passed on this song- not because it isn’t terrible but because Nickelback has been such a laughed at and criticized group in some places that it felt like piling on. Nickelback is awful and since this is the song of their that I have heard the most- it is the one I will choose from the band. I also feel like I have been picking on our Canadian friends recently. I will avoid this at least the rest of the week- before picking a Bryan Adams wimpy song sometime in the near future. Nickelback was very popular in the first decade of the 2000’s- I notice that they haven’t had a hit single now since 2011- a good trend. Rockstar peaked at #6 but was one of those songs you couldn’t avoid- and I don’t know why- because I wasn’t listening to the radio much in 2006. I guess it’s one of those songs that you hear it a few times and you can’t get rid of it.  Who was worst Nickelback or Creed?




    • I saw that. I have to wonder if Boras is using that to drive up his price. He wants to play there because it’s near his home…Maybe they will shock me and sign him…but I can’t see them going long term. Friedman never does that…unless ownership steps in.

    • Not as far as I could throw him. I think he will use this against the Phillies to drive that price up more. Harper is just so inconsistent. I’m not putting him down…it’s like every other year.

    • He is making 34 million a year i think- on the open market what would he get? I think he’d be signed if he were a free agent without a problem… harper’s problem is Boras wants him paid like he is putting up Trout numbers year after year and he is far from that..

    • Trout is a dream for a team. No controversy or worry what he might say or do off the field and the best player on.
      I wish he would market himself a little more…not a better role model for baseball.

  1. Sorry. I will admit it. I like Nickelback. I like Chad’s voice & their music is fun.

    To me, Creed is much worse…and, then there’s Daughtry. 🙄 OY. Talk about boring cheese. American Idol is a sideshow act tho, they did manage to find Kelly & Carrie. A show I have NEVER watched, BTW…

    For a short while, I thought Brent Smith & Shinedown’s ‘Second Chance’ was Nickelback.

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