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Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s today presents “Come Sail Away” by Styx. I could have picked any hit song by Styx – I never heard a Styx song that I ever liked.  I can’t think of a group worse than Styx- if you consider groups with a number of hits. Styx had 16 Top 40 hits, 8 were Top 10 and 1 the limp “Babe” went to #1. They were a very popular group in the 70’s to mid 80’s-  without question. I never understood their appeal.

The other night before the Steve Earle concert- we were at the venue two hours early and the venue was blasting music out and one song they played was “Come Sail Away.” My friend Gunther told me again the story about his first concert ever- back in high school going to see Styx on their Grand Illusion Tour-and how great it was. I couldn’t stop laughing. I picked Come Sail Away- [even though they had worse hits} because of the comic value. Styx never struck me as a group with much of a sense of humor. Dennis DeYoung who wrote the song probably would be baffled that anyone saw this song as funny. There are bad songs that you just never want to hear again but if I hear Come Sail Away once or twice a year it is like a bad movie. There are some movies that are bad bad- then there are bad movies that are so bad they are actually entertaining. Come Sail Away is so bad it’s entertaining [only if you hear it once or twice a year tops} I think Mr. Roboto is their ‘worst’ hit song just a shade below all the others.  The only song Styx ever did that I can stomach is Renegade and that is because my Pittsburgh Steelers have kind of adopted it as a song to pump up their defense at Heinz Field. It doesn’t seem to be working well this season. Styx Stnx




  1. No. i like it, and I seem to recall you don’t like prog rock anyway.
    Woefully poor lyrically, but worth it for when the power chords and drums pomp in after the prophet V.
    Morse / Portney / George do a good cover. Neal Morse does have a sense of humour and manages to get through it without cracking up. Portnoy must hit every bit of his equipment, twice or seven times, during the same part as above.
    Styx (ok, Hipgnosis) also have one of my favourite album covers in ‘Pieces of Eight’.
    At 17 I fan boi’d over the lyrics to my friend who was a Dylan fan. He laughed and laughed and probably still is.

  2. I was never a huge Styx fan either, partly because I just didn’t care for Dennis DeYoung’s vocals. But this song is pretty harmless, and not repulsive like some of the others you’ve written about the past several weeks like “My Ding-a-ling” or everything from the Osmonds.

  3. This song doesn’t bother me. I heard Styx perform it at my first-ever huge stadium concert, so it’s a bit sentimental with me. They hadn’t released it yet, so it was my first time to hear a hit song before it made the radio. But I do agree that it’s not that strong of a song.

  4. DeYoung could write some decent melodies…it’s the presentation I don’t like.
    The word pretentious springs to the mind… Domo Arigato

  5. Any song that does those endless repetitions at the end gets on my nerves. This is one of them. I like the lead singer’s voice though, and I have a sentimental attachment to their song, “Lady”. Styx is the epitomy of top 40 bubblegum to me.

  6. His vocals are a tad bit shrill, aren’t they?
    But when I played your YouTube clip above, the nostalgia factor came on hard and strong. I don’t remember if I liked this or not as a kid. But hearing it just now made me feel very sentimental.
    It’s also a lot easier to listen to without looking at that sadly humiliating video.

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