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Today’s entry in Han’s Worst Hits of the 70s is “I Like Dreamin'”- by Kenny Nolan. When I hear this song- I think back on one of the worst years of my life, my first year in high school. I always had to get up a good hour or so before going to school- and that year I would turn the stereo on and listen to the radio. One song that seemed to be playing every morning that entire year was I Like Dreamin’. When I think of that year I associate this song with it. Maybe I should have listened to another radio station. My day was always off to a bad start having heard this minutes after waking up. Part of the reason I dislike this song so much is my pathetic life at the time. I was really infatuated with a girl in my class and I was too shy to even approach her. Thinking back on it I never even spoke to her. After that year ended I moved on but I can would come home go to my room- play music and try to get up enough nerve the next day to say something- anything to her the next day. As I said it never happened and life moves on.ย  And well this song pretty much summed up my life that year. That said this was a fine example of wimp rock. The song was lame and so was the performance but who am I to argue it went to #3. Kenny Nolan would have one more hit- also on that album “Love’s Grown Deep #20. He also co-wrote another awful hit- “My Eyes Adored You”- for Frankie Valli and Labelle’s Lady Marmalade” which I can take or leave.ย  In reading on him he also wrote a song for Donny Osmond back in 1970.

In reading up on I Like Dreamin’ I can see why it seemed as if it was played every day- it was one of those slow rising hits- it took 3 months to peak at #3.


    • I know all the lyrics too- sad but true! and it is one of those songs -that stick in your head- why is it that most songs that do that- are awful?

  1. Wow, this is bad. I was fortunate…I don’t remember this at all. Sounds like you had a groundhog day that lasted a year.

  2. Oh the vicious cycle. When you were hoping to get the courage the next day then your morning started the same with wimpy singing, no wonder you never spoke to her. Like badfinger said, your own personal groundhog day hell!

  3. Gotta agree with you on this one. Truly awful. Btw, the first year of high school is the worst for a lot of folks, certainly the most insecure year.

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