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One Bad Apple was written by George Jackson- the same soul musician- songwriter who wrote Old Time Rock And Roll which was covered later in the 70’s by Bob Seger. Jackson wrote One Bad Apple with The Jackson 5 in mind but The Jackson 5 wisely decided on ABC instead.

The Osmonds had been kicking around for a while without any pop success – ten singles and none of them made the charts- anywhere- until One Bad Apple. One Bad Apple was released on November 14, 1970, entered the charts in the first week of January 1971 and took over the #1 spot on February 13, 1971 and topped the charts for an incredible five weeks. As the b-side The Osmonds decided to murder The Hollies hit “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”Β  The Osmonds would go on to have ten Top 40 hits in the first half of the 70’s- this is not counting other Osmond projects. One Bad Apple was the only #1 The Osmonds had.

To prove even the worst artists can come up with something decent- in the 80’s- check out Jeff Beck’s video “Ambitious” Donny does a fine job there.

Anyone remember The Osmonds cartoon? One Bad Apple was used as the theme to the cartoon.

Here is something to make you shake your head- the oldest Osmond- Alan is 69.


  1. Oh, this is funny. I hate this song! But–check this out–my husband likes it! I’m not kidding. Now I’m not going to totally throw him under the bus. He loves Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Humble Pie…You get the idea. I guess we’ve all got our guilty pleasures. I actually like Jeff Beck’s Ambitious. In fact I like the whole album “Flash”.

  2. I bet you can hear me cackling from here. Unreal it held #1 for 5 weeks. I don’t think I have the courage to go out there and listen to what they did to the Hollies song. Ack. Weren’t the Osmonds and The Jackson 5 in competition at one point? Osmonds are Jackson 5 Lite. lol. Hans, I love your new addition to the lineup πŸ™‚

    • The Osmond’s were the wonder bread entry against the Jackson’s.. I can see the Jackson’s in that song but of course they rejected the song. Strange that the guy who wrote Old Time Rock and Roll– wrote One Bad Apple… I guess it did put a few meals on the table for him.

    • Interesting list- you hate American Pie though? I could see the Madonna version though… I have already written up my entry for today- not to give it away but it is on your list too!!

  3. Don’t really remember the Osmonds as much as Donny and Marie and the variety show. This is quite awful – the video really makes them look like Jackson 5 wannabes- I think the Jackson 5 were wise to go with ABC.

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