The Beatles (The White Album) (CD) (Includes Blu-ray)


  • THE BEATLES: THE BEATLES: THE WHITE ALBUM: DISC 3: THE ESHER DEMOS: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Before I moved on with the rest of the box set I wanted to listen to the Esher Demos again- I think they should have released this a long time ago- not waiting 50 years. I have heard them before on the internet but this sounds so much better. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. It sounds like The Beatles Unplugged sitting just feet away.
  • THE BEATLES: THE BEATLES: THE WHITE ALBUM: DISC 4: OUTTAKES: I have always found it fascinating to hear the different outtakes of Beatles material. I wish I had access to every second they ever recorded. There are three discs of outtakes. Good times.


  1. Completely agree with you on the Esher Demos. While I have only been able to listen to them via streaming, I feel these recordings are less about the sound quality but more about listening to the Beatles playing acoustic, unplugged versions of the tunes that ended up on the White Album.

    The additional tracks are also fascinating, such as Lennon’s early version of Jealous Guy, then still called “Child of Nature.”

    I also found it eye-opening that amid all the tensions, The Beatles were still able to come together in the same room and play as a band – and have fun in the process, as you pointed out!
    This seems to run counter against the often read accounts that they were falling apart.

    The fact that Ringo walked out at some point is a clear indication not all was well. But it is also true that he returned and was greeted by John, Paul and George with a studio they had decorated with flowers all over the place.

    So even while I have no doubt there were tensions due to artistic differences, I still believe these guys cared about each other. Importantly, they also respected each other as musicians, as Giles Martin noted during this panel discussion about the White Album and the remixing.

    The Esher Demos are a fascinating piece of Beatles history.

    • I agree no question that the group at this point were going their separate ways in life-two were married and the main two- were now in serious relationships that were heading towards marriage- they were entering their late 20’s– no doubt there was a lot of friction but it had yet to reach the point where they couldn’t have fun and work together.

  2. Have you noticed some bits on the sessions discs that wound up in other places on the White Album? The bit where Yoko is talking about being naked which ended up on Rev. 9 is one, and I think there’s something of Paul’s as well that ended up someplace else – can’t think of it off the top of my head.

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