It was fifty years ago–The 15th #1 song of the year 1968 was Love Child by The Supremes. Love Child was the 11th #1 single in The Supremes career. They would tack on one more before the 60’s were over and their career was over. The Supremes were the most successful [but in my opinion far from the best} Motown act. In addition to the dozen #1’s they had 33 Top 40 hits.

On November 30, 1968 The Supremes replaced The Beatles Hey Jude as #1- after Hey Jude had spent 9 weeks at #1. Love Child was a fast riser- it took the single only three weeks to enter the Top 10. It would become the first Motown #1 single of 1968- the label would close the year out with the final two #1’s.

Love Child was the first #1 not written by the Motown songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland. The song was written by five songwriters-R. Dean Taylor, Frank Wilson, Pam Sawyer and Deke Richards and Henry Cosby. The song was about a controversial issue at that time- illegitimacy. The musicians who played on the album were Motown’s Funk Brothers and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.



    • I think the Giants are in for a long dry spell- their minor league system is pretty bad right now- they seem to want to buy up veteran players i think they need a rebuild. If they do it right 5 years – if they keep this mentality that they can get another year out of these old broken down players from the past it will be longer. What do you think?

    • With them getting the Dodgers GM the thought process will change. It still will take a while because like you said they have a low minor league system and a lot of unmovable contacts…now they have a really smart guy in Farhan Zaidi…. he is a metrics guy through and through… I didn’t think Sabean would get a metrics guy.

    • I think what hurts the Giants is- they really don’t have many chips to trade away for younger players. That will slow down the process a bit I would think.

    • Madison Bumgarner would be the biggest asset they have. Posey is paid so much that they would not get much for him. Yes it will take a while to build it back.

      They are not as stocked well as the Dodgers were when he got there.

    • It will take some time but they are probably at about rock bottom right now- probably now on the right path. They won 3 World Series in the the recent past- so they should be able to survive a few bad years -from their fan base but you know how unreasonable fans can be.

    • Very unreasonable… as in “Fire Roberts”…You would think that would buy them some time though.
      He will get them back but it will take a while. I still can’t believe Sabean gave in. He was known not to like metrics.

    • I think 5 years is a reasonable time schedule- of course when the Pirates under Cam Bonifey went into a 5 year plan in 1993 it was 20 years of losing…

    • With that owner that the Pirates have it has to be frustrating. A few years of winning when the youngsters mature and then not keeping them. You have a short window to do it in every time.

    • It was around 1997 and they were really hyping up the players at AAA I think it was when the team was in Nashville- there guys were going to be the players who did it for them- few did anything. Chad Hermanson was going to be a super star. I don’t think he hit in his major league career .175. I remember Bonifey saying middle infielder Abraham Nunez reminded him of Robby Alomar.. Ron Wright who they got in the Neagle trade had 400 homer potential…Kris Benson had a decent career and so did Jose Guillen other than that all those guys were busts.

    • I remember Kris Benson and his wife. He wasn’t a bad pitcher but not great. Chad pitched for the Dodgers I think for a little while.
      Yea the many propects who are only that. My biggest memory of a can’t miss was Billy Ashley…he was the savior…nope…

    • More great prospects have probably failed than have succeeded. One big failure over the years for the Pirates and it has to be an organizational failure is- since the Bonds era they have had darn few home grown players who have any patience at the plate. Brian Giles knew how to draw a walk but he was raised in the Indian organization. This has to go clear down to Rookie ball- Pirates just haven’t seen that on base percentage is an extremely important stat.

    • You would hope with today’s stats that their farm system would improve in that sense.

      Brian Giles was a really good player… The Indians around that time had some great players

  1. Think about how much time has changed since a “love child” was a risque topic. Wow. The nuclear family is all but gone from our landscape. Wasn’t Miss Diana dating the President of Motown? Could be why The Supremes got so much better marketing? Did you say that there was one band that played backup on a lot of Motown hits?

    • The Funk Brothers is what they called the band that played on a great deal of the Motown hits… I think Miss Ross and Berry Gordy the head of Motown had a child together. I could be wrong. I never really cared for The Supremes.

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