This weeks replay of American Top 40 on the 70’s on 7 is from the week ending October 29, 1977- 41 years ago. As soon as I heard that week I knew what was #1 that week- the dreadful “You Light Up My Life” by the daughter of the souless singing Pat Boone. At least Debby had the decency of being a ‘one hit wonder.” Other than that not a bad week- no Osmonds in sight but Shaun Cassidy was at #3 and Leif Garrett was also in the countdown. The only song I didn’t remember was #39 by Rose Royce.  Paul Davis entered the countdown at #37 beginning one of the wackiest chart runs ever.

1 1 YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE –•– Debby Boone (Warner Brothers / Curb)-9 (3 weeks at #1) (1) F
2 2 NOBODY DOES IT BETTER –•– Carly Simon (Elektra)-15 (2) A
3 3 THAT’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL –•– Shaun Cassidy (Warner Brothers / Curb)-15 (3) D
4 5 BOOGIE NIGHTS –•– Heatwave (Epic)-15 (4) B
5 4 KEEP IT COMIN’ LOVE –•– K.C. and the Sunshine Band (T.K.)-14 (2) D
6 7 BRICK HOUSE –•– Commodores (Motown)-10 (6) A
7 8 I FEEL LOVE –•– Donna Summer (Casablanca)-13 (7) B
8 11 IT’S ECSTASY WHEN YOU LAY DOWN NEXT TO ME –•– Barry White (20th Century)-11 (8) B
9 9 “STAR WARS” THEME / CANTINA BAND (Medley) –•– Meco (Millennium)-13 (1) B
10 12 DON’T IT MAKE MY BROWN EYES BLUE –•– Crystal Gayle (United Artists)-12 (10) B

11 17 BABY, WHAT A BIG SURPRISE –•– Chicago (Columbia)-6 (11) B
12 14 HEAVEN ON THE 7th FLOOR –•– Paul Nicholas (RSO)-11 (12) B-
13 13 THE KING IS GONE –•– Ronnie McDowell (Scorpion)-8 (13) C-
14 6 COLD AS ICE –•– Foreigner (Atlantic)-15 (6) B
15 20 HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE –•– Bee Gees (RSO)-6 (15) A+
16 18 JUST REMEMBER I LOVE YOU –•– Firefall (Atlantic)-12 (16) A-
17 26 WE’RE ALL ALONE –•– Rita Coolidge (A&M)-7 (17) B+
18 19 SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED (I’m Yours) –•– Peter Frampton (A&M)-10 (18) B

19 10 SWAYIN’ TO THE MUSIC (Slow Dancin’) –•– Johnny Rivers (Big Tree)-19 (10) B+
20 21 SURFIN’ USA –•– Leif Garrett (Atlantic)-10 (20) D

21 32 BLUE BAYOU –•– Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)-8 (21) A
22 24 HELP IS ON ITS WAY –•– Little River Band (Harvest)-13 (22) B
23 29 DO YA WANNA GET FUNKY WITH ME –•– Peter Brown (Drive)-7 (23) C-
24 25 SHE DID IT –•– Eric Carmen (Arista)-10 (24) B
25 28 DUSIC –•– Brick (Bang)-9 (25) C
26 30 WE JUST DISAGREE –•– Dave Mason (Columbia)-9 (26) A
27 15 I JUST WANT TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING –•– Andy Gibb (RSO)-28 (1) B
28 22 ON AND ON –•– Stephen Bishop (ABC)-25 (11) A
29 16 IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A SONG –•– Ronnie Milsap (RCA)-20 (16) B-
30 36 SEND IN THE CLOWNS –•– Judy Collins (Elektra)-17 (30) B

31 37 DAYBREAK –•– Barry Manilow (Arista)-5 (31) C
32 58 ISN’T IT TIME –•– The Babys (Chrysalis)-4 (32) B+
33 33 I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU (Live Version) –•– Foghat (Bearsville)-8 (33) B
34 49 IT’S SO EASY –•– Linda Ronstadt (Asylum)-4 (34) A
35 50 COME SAIL AWAY –•– Styx (A&M)-6 (35)  B
36 39 MY FAIR SHARE –•– Seals and Crofts (Warner Brothers)-9 (36) B-
37 41 I GO CRAZY –•– Paul Davis (Bang)-10 (37) A+
39 40 DO YOUR DANCE (Part 1) –•– Rose Royce (Whitfield)-7 (39)  B-
40 60 YOU MAKE LOVING FUN –•– Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)-3 (40)  A



22 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40– WEEK OF OCTOBER 29, 1977

  1. Oh my goodness. You Light Up My Life…that and “Feelings” were burned in my mind. I mean that in the worse way.
    I always had a soft spot for Slow Dancing…of course compared to the number 1 record…it’s a masterpiece.

    • What did you think of Johnny Rivers? A hard working guy who had some good songs. I always liked Secret Agent Man and a few others.

      The chart wasn’t too bad at all. I know most of them.

    • I have a best of of him. I thought it was funny on the Top 40 I think Casey said he was 34 [1977} I remember at the time thinking that he was an old guy. I guess he is now. I am thinking Slow Dancing was his last hit?

    • I cheated…I had to see. Yes that was his last top 40 hit. Summer Rain and Poor Side of Town I’ve always liked.
      I know what you mean about old. I mean when I turned 41 I thought…geez…John Lennon never made this age. It sure is a different perspective depending on where you are at….

    • Rivers had most of his hits at a young age. ..I started listening to AT40 in the early fall of ’77 as soon as they said October 1977 I just knew- Debby Boone would be at #1- since it was for 10 weeks- pretty much took up the entire season. I think that song was so annoying because you couldn’t avoid it. Turn on the radio and it was always playing…. Rivers- I think I have a 2 disc set of greatest hits or best of–Yes those were good songs I think the only one I didn’t care for was Rock and Roll Heaven- which mentions too many Jim’s- Croce- Hendrix and Morrison.

    • I forgot about Rock and Roll Heaven…I never cared for Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu…

      Oh the Debby Boone song would be on sitcoms with people singing it…it was everywhere.

    • you mentioned it- and I forgot to add- last weekend in going through used albums i saw Morris Albert’s “Feelings”- even for .94 cents I couldn’t buy that. i don’t think even if they gave it to me i couldn’t take it.

    • That was Morris Albert’s only hit too- I think there was a strong reaction against both Albert and Debby Boone… never again will you have a hit! Those songs were so over exposed when they were hits.

    • I can’t imagine how much those songs made on publishing alone… one hit was enough for both of those customers.
      With Debby the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as far as soul.

    • I just read where Morris Albert was successfully sued for stealing the melody for his hit…. yes Debby Boone- my sister bought that single.. i can’t see how that was such a big monster hit.

    • I guess Morris has to share now.
      I don’t see how it was that big either…the melody is catchy…but… lets say we could have put it in Aretha’s hands…would it still be bad?
      I guess what I’m saying…is it the song or the singer or both? Some songs even Aretha couldn’t salvage…this may be one of them

  2. does that chart say “i go crazy” was on the top 40 for 37 weeks? It probably played on the rock and country stations and i could see a lot of jukeboxes carrying it….

    • It was in the Top 100 from August 27, 1977 to May 27th, 1978- 40 weeks. It peaked at #7. I was a listener of the top 40 back in and it seemed like it would advance one slot a week- sometimes would seem to stall out then advance again.. crazy!

  3. OMG. I was in sixth grade. I remember most of this. Some I don’t recall. I read Debby Boone and started to cringe. Her song, the previously mentioned “Feelings” and “Babe” by Styx are the most over played songs in the modern era. They make me want to jam ice picks in my ears…or, from Terry on ‘Friends’, regarding Phoebe’s singing “…she makes me want to stick my finger in my brain and twirl it around.”

    The chart also reflects the last breath of disco and the peek into the impending Foreigner explosion.

    • Those were some dreadful songs- Boone- Albert and Babe by Styx.. you couldn’t avoid them. Don’t go jamming ice picks in your ears though!

    • I retract a statement, above. I just realized that “I Feel Love” was one of Summer’s early hits. “Bad Girls” didn’t even come out until 1979. Ooops. Got ahead of myself. Those were my “tween” years.

      As long as there are off buttons, volume control & a back door, ice picks remain a last resort. 😉

    • Remember The Bee Gees and Saturday Night Fever was exploding around this period too as far as Disco goes. I’d reckon 1979 was the last gasp of disco or late 78.

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