• BUCK OWENS: YOUR TENDER LOVING CARE: 1967: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Back when I was a kid- I am talking under 10- Buck Owens was my Beatles. The first concerts I went to was my grandparents taking me to see Buck. I had some of his albums back then but of course those are long gone. I have most of his cd’s now but no vinyl until I came across a few a couple weeks back. This is Buck in his prime- the mid to late 60’s.  A very solid album- hits- Sam’s Place, Your Tender Loving Care- both #1 country hits.

Ain't It Amazing, Gracie (Vinyl, LP, Album) album cover

  • BUCK OWENS: AIN’T IT AMAZING GRACIE: 1973: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS:  The real gem here is Streets of Bakersfield. A little past his peak years-the title track was a #14 country single hit. Don Rich was still there- he would die tragically in a motorcycle accident in 1974. After Rich’s death it wasn’t the same.

Glen Campbell Gentle on My Mind album cover.jpg

  • GLEN CAMPBELL: GENTLE ON MY MIND: 1967: This was Campbell’s big break though album and single. He had released five albums previously but was best known as a crack session musician. None of his previous albums had even charted and he only had a couple minor hit country hits. This album went to #1 country and #5 pop. Gentle On My Mind the single only hit #30 country which is shocking. Interesting album- he covers Donovan, Harry Nilsson, Jimmie Rodgers, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers to fine results. Not what I’d call a pure country album-country-folk-pop. Always thought Glen was underrated.


  • BUCK OWENS AND HIS BUCKAROOS: I’VE GOT A TIGER BY THE TAIL: 1965: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Buck at his absolute peak- the first song I remember loving was I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail at age 5. I thought it was about a tiger. The song was a #1 country hit and #25 on the pop charts. Great songs and a great sound- Don Rich and his telecaster really stands out. The Bakersfield Sound at its best.


  • BUCK OWENS AND HIS BUCKAROOS: BEFORE YOU GO/ NO ONE BUT YOU: 1965: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Buck Owens had 9 #1 country albums in the 1960’s- this was another one of those. Not quite as sparkling as I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail which had been released four months earlier.


  • KENNY ROGERS: THE GAMBLER: 1978: 2 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Have never been a Kenny Rogers fan- but I do love one of his songs- The Gambler.

Diamond Cuts:  Seventh Inning Stretch

  • DIAMOND CUTS: 7TH INNING STRETCH: 2004: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: More baseball songs- about Warren Spahn, Pete Rose, Herb Score, Curt Flood, Babe Ruth- and Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”- Steve Goodman’s A Dying Cub Fans Last Request”- and many others.



  1. Glen Campbell was underrated as a guitar player… I see now that young guitarists are watching his clips…the guy could play anything.

    • I think his television show- though popular may have hurt his image- like Buck and Roy on Hee-Haw. It would probably be mind numbing to know the sessions in the 60’s that Glen played on…and of course was a member of the traveling Beach Boys.

    • I didn’t know about the Beach Boys part until “Catch a Wave”… I saw one heavy metal guy raving about his guitar playing on youtube…

      You are right…That seemed to cheapen their image.

    • No doubt it helped their bank accounts but there was a price to pay. I think with Buck it was the death of Don Rich that sent his recording career spirally downward- he later said that after Rich’s death that all the joy was out of the music.

    • I’ve read that in a few places and Owens. That was tragic…I also read where he did not like Hee Haw and saw what it did to his career.

      Johnny Cash I don’t think was affected by his show but his was different.

    • I think you are correct- Cash’s show was different- I haven’t seen The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour since it was on but even to me as a kid it seemed a little cornball. Cash’s didn’t.

    • This is true… another thought on Steve Forbert- I think in a way his lack of big commercial success may in his case in a strange way be a good thing. He had the one hit- Romeo’s Tune #11- the first album was great and remembered but he didn’t have a handful of hits where he has ever had to come out and tour as a nostalgia act- he has always been a current performer putting out albums every so often. I don’t know his set lists but it’s not like he has to come out and ‘have to play’ the same songs every night.

    • Yes I saw that also. It was nice hearing something different. There are some songs off of that album that I like. 2000 Light Years from Home and 2000 Man.

  2. Didn’t realize Don Rich died in a motorcycle accident. He and Buck were a dynamic duo. I listened to Gentle on My Mind a Lot as a kid. “It’s Over”, “Without Her”, “Mary in the Morning” are some of my faves. I could have sworn, “Everyday Housewife” was on this album, but I don’t see it on the playlist.

    • Everyday Housewife was on the next album Wichita Lineman…. Buck’s music just wasn’t the same without Don. They were great playing together.

    • I have friends who say the same thing about their albums- – and they always say somewhere between moves they lost them- I wonder who ended up with them!

  3. Co-incidently today I have finally transferred my father’s vinyl I inherited to the pc (he died 1993!!!). There was Dinah Washington, Cat Stevens and … Glen Campbell. BTW you have not rated the Glen.

    • hmmm.. i’d give it 4 stars…. are you familiar with MOJO magazine? I get it every month and my wife says they rate everything 4 stars. Everytime I put 4 stars down I think of MOJO…. sounds like you inherited some good stuff!

    • I quite like the magazine CDs, Mojo, Uncut, Prog and Classic Rock. Mojo did seem to do a lot of ‘classic albums revisited by bands who either thought it a good idea to copy the original [boring] or do the songs completely differently [either good or bad but I admire them anyway]’

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