The Beatles Song Of The Day- Sun King

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The Beatles Song of the Day is Sun King. Sun King was written by John Lennon. It was part of the medley of songs that made up a big portion of side 2 of Abbey Road. John said that Sun King came to him in a dream. Sun King and the following song- another Lennon song- were recorded as one song at the same time. Lennon’s views on the song would change over the years going from positive to negative- in his last interviews in 1980 he called it a piece of garbage.  George Harrison said that the reverb on Fleetwood Mac’s song “Albatross” was a point of origin for his guitar work on the song although it sounds nothing like it. The words at the end are in tourist Italian, Spanish and Portuguese- strung together in no meaningful order. John Lennon: multitracked vocal, lead guitar, maracas: Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, bass, harmonium, piano, tape-loops: George Harrison: lead guitar: Ringo Starr: drums, bongos, tambourine: George Martin: organ: Produced by George Martin.

  • rating “Sun King” rating the medley of songs together ***** a classic.
  • recorded on July 24,25 and 29, 1969.
  • Sun King was never released as a single.
  • length of song- 2:26.
  • Spignesi and Lewis ranks it as #36 as part of the medley, Rolling Stone #23, The Beatles Listeners Poll #4,  critic Bill Wyman has it in the medley 22-29 out of 213. Jim Beviglia doesn’t have it ranked- he ranks only the last 3 songs in the medley.


Here comes the sun king
Here comes the sun king
Everybody’s laughing
Everybody’s happy
Here comes the sun king
Quando paramucho mi amore de felice carazón
Mundo paparazzi mi amore chica ferdi para sol
Questo obrigado tanto mucho que canite carousel
Image result for the beatles sun king images