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  • THE DOORS: LA WOMAN: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS:  I am not a big fan of The Doors but their first and final albums- are 5 star albums. Two of their best songs finish side A- LA Woman and side B- Riders On The Storm. The album is a mixture of blues and rock. Robby Krieger felt that it was their best album-that it captured what The Doors were all about. Other favorites- Love Her Madly, The Changeling. Paul Rothchild who produced the first five albums fell out of favor with the group and wasn’t around for this one. Produced by Bruce Botnick and The Doors. Frontman Jim Morrison died three months after the albums release.


  • PAUL MCCARTNEY: EGYPT STATION: 2018: I need to listen to this a few times to get a feeling for it- on first listen I am liking it.


The Complete Buddy Holly (Box Set, Album, Mono) album cover

  • BUDDY HOLLY: THE COMPLETE BUDDY HOLLY: RECORD 2: NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: CHANGING ALL THOSE CHANGES: 1979: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The second record brings in some of the Holly classics- That’ll Be The Day- I’m Changing All Those Changes being the two most notable. These are early sessions in his career that took place in Nashville. You can hear Holly’s confidence growing.


    • Yes good album.. I wonder what direction they would have gone if Jimbo lives? I think he is vastly overrated due to his early demise but I give the Doors a great first and last album- and Strange Days was good -the rest.. not so good. in my opinion anyway..

    • I don’t see them changing a whole lot like other bands… Robbie and Ray were who they were and you were always getting a little jazz feel from Robbie and I don’t see Ray branching out a lot.
      I liked the band better than Jim

    • Good point. The only thing I wonder about is- would Jimbo had gotten too big for his britches and went solo at some point? If he was smart he wouldn’t have… not that I sit around and ever ponder that question…. hope you don’t get hit too hard with the rain from the hurricane btw.

    • I think Jim going solo at some point would have happened. I know Jim was Jim but why didn’t they at least try to find someone to front them. Ray wasn’t bad but they needed a frontman. Did they ever try to find someone after it happened?

    • They did those two albums after Jim’s death which probably sold a dozen copies each- I don’t think I have ever seen those albums out anywhere. I think Iggy Pop was considered at one point as a replacement.

    • They had nothing to lose. Ray didn’t have charisma running out of him…Jim did have that I will say… That would have been intersting with Iggy Pop

    • Yes I think they needed a charismatic figure- Iggy was/is that…I don’t know if Iggy wasn’t interested but if I were the remaining Doors- I don’t know why they wouldn’t have extended an invite…as you said- nothing to lose!

    • Nothing at all! Jim wasn’t sacred…they could have extended their career… of course WAY past the time but Eddie Vedder was pretty good with them.

    • Off topic – What is the most embarrassing album that you ever owned? I was grabbing some albums to play- and came across one I am almost too embarrassed to say I own- and being a hoarder who never gets rid of anything- there is was staring me in the face- Debbie Gibson…. OK I admit to liking her single “Out Of The Blue.” Maybe I shouldnt feel so bad- just looked up the album on the all music site and they gave it 4 1/2 stars…

    • I got you beat. Now…it was GIVEN to me…let me make that clear… The album’s name was “Roping the Wind”… I didn’t have it long…I’ll let you find out who it was!
      Debbie Gibson is Elvis compared to my album.

    • Yes you win! I can’t compete with that lol. .. In looking through my albums some I don’t know where they came from- I know I didn’t buy them- I think I have my parents and my sisters small collection but I did buy the Debbie Gibson album….but yes I am feeling better now about that!

    • It can always be worse!
      I don’t have all of my collection…through the single years and the apartments many were lost but my wife bought me a record player a couple of years ago and Bailey and I are starting to build up a collection again.
      I’m going to look for an old stero like I use to have. The one she bought is good but I want the full setup.

    • I don’t know anyone- who didn’t lose their collection from when they were younger. The only reason I have mine- is- I just don’t get rid of anything- in this case it was a good thing- in most cases my wife will say not a good thing. Glad you and Bailey are starting up a new collection- that has to be fun.

    • It really is…I’m lucky he turned out with good taste lol… I made a point of not pushing music on him…I’m glad he liked it organically.
      I understand where you are at believe me. My wife’s pet peeve is all of the books and dvds…”The ones you don’t read you need to…” nope…they stay… I did make the dvds and blurays digital…excuse to by hard drives!

    • I think that was the way to do it- he was surely exposed to good stuff- and he took to it. I have seen especially in sports- a father pushing the son into it and it not working out all the time. Of course sometimes it does… I am trying to be more selective in the stuff I pick up. Trying to…

    • I didnt’ want to be that dad that did that. He was exposed to it and it stuck. When he started to find out about The Beatles…he wanted to know the history…that he got from me.
      Yea yard sales and flea markets are hard for me to ignore. My wife though can be as bad as me. We will ebay some things (the WHY did I buy this?) to clear room.

    • Oh there are always why did I buy this- good you have found an outlet to clear some room for more goodies…. You never know what you might find at a sale!

    • I need to hit yard sales etc… I do a lot of booksales and the excitement is just that going in and never knowing what you might find. I never go in thinking- I will find this- sometimes they are great ones- sometimes not so good but I always come out with something totally unexpected.

    • It’s the thrill no doubt. When I found that lamp in that picture a year ago I was like a kid at Christmas.
      The thing about yard sales is you see a lot of new junk… but then it happens… pure joy

    • Yes… that tulip table in the pic for 10 bucks from the 70s worth over 200… of course I’m not selling…
      You sometimes go for a day to find nothing…it makes it worth it when you do. Like a treasure hunt… avoid new neighborhoods or all you will is clothing…
      Sorry for the novel I wrote but it’s a passion of mine

    • Interesting- after a while no doubt you knew probably just at a glance if this stop was going to be worth it or not- kind of like the pickers do….. off topic- I read today where Michael B Jordan may be the next Superman…who would have thought it- Wallace- Superman.

    • Yes you can just glance from the car and sometimes not even stop…
      Little skinny Wallace… I couldn’t believe that was him in the Black Panther. He was huge

    • Are a lot of them- just clothes or is that not the case- a lot of the ones around here I’ve seen look like a bunch of clothes.. do you find many records/ books at yard sales?

    • Not a bunch of records but a lot of DVD’s and yes plenty of books… but you have to pick through the recipe books… a lot of glassware also. Sometimes depression era

    • I was what I guess was a yard sale at a church a few months ago- and I never saw so much glassware- I know nothing about it but there was more glassware than anything and that is what the people were after… DVD’s and books are all good- I need to start checking these sales out.

    • It is just the thrill of not knowing what you will find…you just never know… thrill of the chase

      The one item I want but I will never find at a yard sale is one of those Egg Chairs from the seventies with stereo speakers … no reproduction but that in all its fiberglass glory lol

    • Probably a 1948 tube Gibson Amp for 10 bucks and a never used Land of the Lost lunchbox with tags… it was original from the seventies in storage for 5 bucks…I was offered 350 and I did it…I wish I would have kept it… that was before I got real serious… lol or sick

    • I am always amazed at the stories i hear of people not knowing what they have and someone snagging it for like $10. What year baseball cards are worth a lot- is it 1952? Yes a complete Topps 1952 for $10…. I guess stuff like that happens.

    • Yes and you do find baseball cards some…
      Mine is the familiar story… my were lost in the moves and some taken…. I had a Mickey Mantle but not the one, Hank and the complete 77-80 tops.

      American pickers have made it hard because some people think they have more than they do

    • I must say- baseball cards- that is where I really messed up- my brother and I were always making deals– one of us would say “Deal of The Century” and make an offer. My best I think we trading a slice of pizza for Elvis Costello’s My Aim Is True album… anyway my brother offered me all his tapes and albums for all my baseball cards. He caught me at a time when I wasn’t buying cards- so i made the deal…wasn’t a good deal. He later sold them to someone he knew.. the cards were not in ‘mint’ shape but had a lot of sentimental value. Anyhow.. I can see where the Pickers Show has made a lot of people think their piece of junk is worth something when its not.

    • At first when I saw “slice of pizza” I thought oh no what did he trade? You got him on that one.
      The other one not so much… I can look at the 70s cards and its a time machine for me.

    • The cards I had and I had a zillion of them- mostly from 1968 to the early 80’s…… he will bring that pizza trade up every now and then…it was always fun “I have the trade of the century for you”…..I can identify the faces of the players of the 70’s better than the players of today. Heck I can name the Pirates players wives names from the 1970’s…

    • That is funny about the players wives. Come to think about it I knew the name and face of some of the wives. I am more familiar with the seventies players also. I would study the cards and baseball digest…

      I always wished I would have had a brother along with my sister. I’ve seen some deep bonds there… also fights lol

    • Yes same here- I studied those baseball cards- the stats etc. I knew where every player was from etc.. I am not a math person but I love statistics- and numbers…… I am 7 years older than my sister and 8 older than my brother- my brother and I – the only time I was ever made at him is when I came home once and he had taken all my sorted baseball cards out of their rubber bands and mixed them up…he was probably 6 at the time….

    • The highlights of their careers on back of those cards. Their nick name in high school…everything. Baseball Digest came once a month and I would be so excited to get it.

      My sister is 8 years older than me. I had to go everywhere with her. Her dates had to hate me…I loved it.

    • Yes I would buy Baseball Digest too- is it still in publication? I always got excited around February when the baseball previews would come to the news stands…Street and Smith’s always one I’d look for.

    • I never saw Street and Smiths…. I guess Baseball Digest is… “In May 2018, Rick Cerrone, former Public Relations Director with the New York Yankees, became only the fourth editor in the iconic magazine’s history. Cerrone was tasked with ‘re-imagining’ the publication from the ground up beginning with the September/October issue of 2018”

    • Glad its still out there… I see the Who’s Who In Baseball– went out of business a year or so ago. I would pick that up- had all the stats for all the active players.

    • I expect newspapers to not exist soon- I think books may be around awhile though- people like books- even kids like to hold a book…I am hoping at least.

    • Yes I think they will. I don’t like E Readers very much but sometimes because I have to be on the computer so much I will read one. ..I agree with newspapers…and I hate it.

    • I was a newspaper junkie- but the newspapers I see today- are not the ones I used to love. I would buy a USA Today daily- now it costs $2 and isn’t worth a dime. The library gets it and I don’t even look at it. Mostly advertisements. Sad. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the other paper I always got- has quit putting out a hard copy- online only.

    • USA Today is the one I would hit up every day to see Dodger box score and to read the news.
      It’s so many advertisements now I agree.
      The Tennessean still releases a hard copy but they are really pushing the digital.

    • I am sure I mentioned this before but the only people i see reading newspapers are 50 and above- no 25 year old ever comes in and looks at the newspapers.

    • I hardly see anyone reading one anymore. At work you would have people with papers….now nothing… I hate to see eras close… especially newspapers… they are such a part of our history

    • Yes it is sad to see newspapers go- it has been dying a slow death over the past couple decades-since the internet – slowly slipping away. I agree with you.

    • I can still remember turning the corner to go upstairs and there he was with all those baseball cards scattered about! I always wondered it Topps didn’t have things rigged a bit- I’d have all the cards sorted by teams an my Pirate cards were always the lowest stack… I wonder if say in Cleveland some kid collected cards and the Indians were like that for him…

    • Yea that would have gotten to me also.

      I would bet it was… I always had plenty of Dodgers… The card I remember most was Eddie Murrays rookie card…I had about 15 of those.

    • The weather… Fall came Monday morning…It went from 90s to 70 in a split second. The rain is coming…the sun is shining right now but it won’t last.

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