The Beatles Song Of The Day- Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

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The Beatles Song of the Day is -Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was written by Paul McCartney and appears on side 1 of Abbey Road. This is in my opinion one of the worst songs in The Beatles catalog. Paul viewed it as a potential single but the other three hated it. As author Ian MacDonald wrote in his brilliant Revolution In The Head- ‘the single recording that shows why The Beatles broke up.” Paul insisted on them working and working on this- Ringo has said it was the single worst track they ever had to work on- that the recording went on forever. John and George had similar comments.  My favorite comment is John’s  he described this garbage as “more of Paul’s granny music.’ George said “Sometimes Paul would make us do these really fruity songs. I mean, my God, ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ was so fruity. After a while we did a good job on it, but when Paul got an idea or an arrangement in his head ..” Paul McCartney: lead and backing vocals, piano, electric guitars, Moog synthesizer: George Harrison: backing vocal, acoustic and lead guitars: six-string bass: Ringo Starr: backing vocals, drums, anvil: George Martin: organ: Produced by George Martin.

  • rating Maxwell’s Silver Hammer * star out of 5 stars.
  • Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was never released as a single.
  • length of song: 3:27.
  • recorded July 7 -11 and August 6, 1969.
  • critic Bill Wyman ranked it #182 out of 213 Beatles songs- no one else ranked it in their top 100.


Joan was quizzical, studied pataphysical
Science in the home
Late nights all alone with a test tube
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine
Calls her on the phone
“Can I take you out to the pictures
Joa, oa, oa, oan?”
But as she’s getting ready to go
A knock comes on the door
Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer
Came down upon her head
Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead
Back in school again Maxwell plays the fool again
Teacher gets annoyed
Wishing to avoid and unpleasant
Sce, e, e, ene
She tells Max to stay when the class has gone away
So he waits behind
Writing fifty times “I must not be
So, o, o, o”
But when she turns her back on the boy
He creeps up from behind
Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer
Came down


10 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day- Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

    • I can see why it was annoying to John, George and Ringo to have to put all that time into it- a song that should have just been thrown in the trash- Paul thought had hit potential… oh my.

    • John was right though. They did a good job on the track itself. George did a good job with the moog synth. I don’t understand why this one wasn’t veto’d to start with.

    • I bet at the time – John thought it was rubbish but the end was near- he was distracted with other things and probably felt it wasn’t worth fighting with Paul over. Usually Paul’s tuner for what is a hit- is accurate- here… not so much.

    • Kind of odd- Paul was in the drivers seat at this time as far as the band goes- but no Paul singles from this and really nothing that resembles a single- does dominate the medley part which is his highlight. Maybe he saw he had no ‘hit’ and thought for some reason Maxwell was his best shot at one?

    • I think if it had been released as a single- even the magic name of the beatles would have had a hard time making it more than a minor hit.

    • Maybe that is where John and George came in and veto’d it as a single. If Paul felt so strongly it would have been released unless they said no.

      It wasnt even good enough for a Beatles B side but thats not saying much…they had great B sides.

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