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  • NICK LOWE: PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE: 1978: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I like the UK title of the album- Jesus Of Cool- change in the US to Pure Pop For Now People. Lowe’s debut- smart, fun and full of energy- favorite cuts-  So It Goes, I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass, Marie Provost, Heart Of The City, Rollers Show, They Call It Rock, Little Hitler.


  • WINGS: BACK TO THE EGG: 1979: 2 1/2  STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The 7th and final album by Paul McCartney’s group Wings. Looking back I don’t see why Paul ever had Wings-what was the point? Anyway. After leaving The Beatles- Paul in the 70’s ruled the charts for the most part but this album only yielded to mid range hits- Getting Closer #20 and Arrow Through Me #29. The album is kind of bland. The music scene was changing in the late 70’s and McCartney was trying to keep up with the changes but overall this album seems out of tune.

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  • BOZ SCAGGS: SILK DEGREES: 1976: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: It took Boz Scaggs seven albums to become an overnight success. 3 Top 40 hits off this -with one just missing- all of them Rock FM staples over the years. Plus Georgia- and We’re All Alone became a hit for Rita Coolidge. The hits- It’s Over #38, Lowdown #3, What Can I Say #42 and Lido Shuffle #11. The album was 5x multi-platinum.

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  • ROD STEWART: A NIGHT ON THE TOWN: 1976: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Rod had yet to ride the shark [that happens with Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”} Tonight’s The NIght went to #1 even though some stations banned it , my favorite Rod Stewart song -next to Maggie May- The Killing Of Georgie Parts I&2 peaked at #30 and The First Cut Is The Deepest #21. The album went to #2 in the US. Other favorites on this- Pretty Flamingo and Trade Winds.


  • PAUL MCCARTNEY: RAM: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of the albums on my Mount Rushmore of Paul McCartney albums. The only downside of the album is John Lennon took some of these songs to be aimed at him and Yoko. Of course John would answer back even more viciously. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey went to #1 in the US.  Other favorites-Heart Of The Country, Back Seat Of My Car, Dear Boy, Too Many People, Smile Away, Monkberry Moon Delight, Eat At Home. This is an example of an album that was critically panned upon release but is now looked at much more favorably.


  • THE KINKS: LOW BUDGET: 1979: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This album is the highest charting album in the US by The Kinks- it peaked at #11. They never had a top 10 album in the US- and get this – after 1967’s Something Else – they never had an album even make the charts in the UK. Incredible. This isn’t the best Kinks album but its a pretty good one, a rock based album- those drums sure are out front in the mix. Favorites- Superman, Low Budget, Attitude, Catch Me Now I’m Falling.

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  • BLONDIE: EAT TO THE BEAT: 1979: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The lead off track” Dreaming” is my all time favorite Blondie song-it peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100. A number of different styles of music on here- you could never pin Blondie down to one genre. They were considered a new wave band- but you have a little bit of everything here. Other favorites- The Hardest Part, Union City Blues, Eat To The Beat, Die Young Stay Pretty, Atomic.


  • ROBERT JOHNSON: KING OF THE DELTA BLUES SINGERS: 1961: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I had read about Eric Clapton- talking about how great an influence Robert Johnson was on him– when I saw this album I snatched it up. This was years before the box set with all of Johnson’s recordings came out. Here there are eight songs on each side- recorded in 1936 and 1937. The Robert Johnson life story and his rise to fame after his death  is almost as fascinating as his music but the bottom line is the music. One of the most influential albums ever. A Volume 2 was released in 1970- and then of course the box set in the 90’s.


  1. Kinks… Love the Low Budget album… Catch Me Now I’m Falling (a little Jumping Jack Flash thrown in), Superman
    Love the Rod Stewart album…

    • Low Budget an underrated Kinks album… yes Rod was still relevant at that point in time. I was kind of surprised that The Killing Of Georgie made it into the Top 40 in 1976..

    • Low Budget is a good rock and roll album. They played many songs from it when I saw them…
      I liked the next album of Stewart’s… Foot Loose and Fancy Free but after that…it starts to go down.
      That is surprising for that song.

    • Yes I liked Footloose and Fancy Free also- have that one- after that- it did go down hill – he was too busy being a star…. I was kind of startled when I saw The Kinks never had a Top 10 album.. I knew they weren’t chart toppers but…

    • The Village Green is great… that was during the non touring days I think…but still… Hard to believe. Ray’s greatest material probably hasn’t been heard on a wide scale.

    • One song my wife and I would have in our all time top 10- Waterloo Sunset… Yes The Kinks have been sadly under the radar… maybe a new album and tour would help put more spotlight on a great great band.

    • It was good seeing them having that much success then.

      The late sixties they got nothing..
      I think it was because they were so British which I love but…

    • I wish they had been more successful- but just goes to prove- quality of work and chart success don’t always go hand in hand. it quality mattered we would be saved from ever knowing Justin Bieber even lives.

    • No it’s not… See that is the difference between…lets say David Cassidy and Justin… both are pin ups but David had talent…He just got steered in the wrong direction.

    • I agree with that about David Cassidy. turned into a sad life- that White City Stadium stampede where the girl died haunted him the rest of his life.

    • I remember reading about that..terrible.
      You know the point I was making…every era has a talentless pin up but Justin took his share and everyone’s share of the 15 minutes. In other eras you had to have a little more usually than he has…

    • Yep- every era does have their Bieber- Bobby Sherman- New Kids On The Block– I remember back around 1990 hearing NKOTB were putting tickets on sale for a year in advance- I knew then- yes its over- by the concert no one will care. i think that was odd back then to put tickets on sale that long in advance.. I can’t figure out why no one has replaced Bieber…. whatever happened to the Jonas Brothers? Who were those other pretenders from a few years ago- I can’t even remember their names….No Direction? Oh One Direction- going down.

    • No Direction… Jake Bugg threw a few insults at them… they did go away pretty quickly.
      This era reminds me of the after Elvis started movies and before the Beatles…

    • I just googled them- i didn’t realize they have already broken up!! too bad Justin Bieber doesn’t break up… Yes- its too bad there won’t be a Beatles coming to the rescue.

    • Another corporate boy band down the drain.

      Nope that ship has sailed. My biggest question is why are Rock Groups not signed to big labels and pushed? There are some good ones out there but no mainstream.

      Do they not see there is a reason these old rock groups have massive audiences?

    • The record industry is in shambles…I think at this point they don’t want to develop bands- just get something out their that we can push on the kids- to make a fast buck.

    • It might take a few albums to get a band broke into a wide market–let’s just place our money on the young no talents who we can control and cash in on- sure in a few years no one will care about them but- we can push someone else then.. It would have to be hard to be a young rock band with ambitions today.

    • It would be a turn off for a young band today…when they read on how bands at one time would get a chance…
      You nailed it…they can replace you with a cheaper version down the line and market you to death.

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