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I don’t follow the NFL like I used to. At one time I knew every player in the league, where they all went to college etc etc. I still watch my Steelers every week and when the tournament comes I will watch every game but the days when I would have three televisions going on at the same time – like LBJ watching all three network news shows are over. There are other things to do. With that said- here is my stab at predicting how the 2018 season will go.


  1. New England 11-5
  2. Miami 7-9
  3. New York Jets 7-9
  4. Buffalo 3-13

AFC North

  1. Pittsburgh 11-5
  2. Baltimore 8-8
  3. Cleveland 4-12
  4. Cincinnati 4-12

AFC South

  1. Jacksonville 9-7
  2. Houston 9-7
  3. Tennessee 7-9
  4. Indianapolis 5-11


  1. San Diego 10-6
  2. Kansas City 9-7
  3. Denver 8-8
  4. Oakland 6-10



  2. DALLAS 8-8
  3. NY GIANTS 7-9
  4. WASHINGTON 6-10


  1. GREEN BAY 11-5
  2. MINNESOTA 10-6
  3. DETROIT 10-6
  4. CHICAGO 7-9


  1. NEW ORLEANS 11-5
  2. ATLANTA 11-5
  3. CAROLINA 8-8
  4. TAMPA BAY 4-12


  1. LA RAMS 11-5
  3. SEATTLE 6-10
  4. ARIZONA 5-11


SUPER BOWL- STEELERS OVER RAMS.  I know a Steelers homer- but I will note probably every year for the past ten years I’ve picked the Patriots to represent the AFC. I’d still call them the team to beat until beaten.

26 responses to “FEARLESS 2018 N.F.L. SEASON PREDICTIONS

  1. I can honestly say I’m lost in football season. It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched consistently. The Patriots are the team to beat. I have never seen a coach use a system like Belichick…

    • Belichick the GOAT.. I am not into it anymore – I will watch the Steelers and the playoffs probably other than that I have other things I’d rather do.

    • I never believed or understood “systems” too well until I saw him plug in Matt Castle and not miss a beat… that was when it really hit me.

      The ratings are going down… The MLB playoffs actually was higher in some nights…against regular season games yes…but before that did not happen before.

    • They like to dwell on the problems baseball has– compared to the NFL -MLB is problem free… there is no way to solve the concussion problem the nfl has- and that is just their biggest issue.

    • They would have to play flag football to solve it. MLB writers will write freely of any trouble…NFL keeps the lid shut and sweeps things under the carpet.

    • When I read about how many kids are not playing now, it surprised me because the NFL and football in general has been untouchable for so many years. People are listening now

      A minor league pitcher gets caught with uppers in their system… it’s all over the news… football player with PEDs…. hardly any news…

    • It is funny how everyone gets worked up over Bonds- McGwire etc- the NFL is full of PED’ers and on one cares. I’ve always thought if they had just hit 50 plus home runs and Aaron was still the home run king- no one would care- they had the audacity to break cherished records… … when mothers won’t let their boys play football- eventually it trickles up to the colleges and NFL-the word is out. Getting hit in the head repeatedly isn’t a good life move..

    • No it’s not a good life move. The concussions aren’t all…its the everyday get hit over and over…it’s going to catch up.
      It’s the perception of many football fans I come into contact with (and I live in the south where football is king) that the NFL has the best testing and you can’t trust baseball…I tell them…you are 10-15 years behind.

      You may be right…if the 61 homerun record and the 755 hadn’t been broken…there might not have been as bad a backlash.

      I emailed my representative at that time and asked…are you looking into football also? He wrote back and said they didn’t have a problem…lol.
      Bob Costas turned a lot of heads when he made the house of cards remark.

    • The NFL is to quote John – “living on borrowed time’- the steroid issue in football is the most quiet of secrets- just look at those guys- and you are right the day in and day out pounding. I think of some of these guys like James Harrison who just retired at 40- in ten years he is going to have multiple health issues- even if non of them are head issues. A body can only take so much…..I think the NFL has been such a big money maker over the years many have just chosen to turn their heads– and reach out their hands for the money they are getting from it.. Unless we as a society just accept it as our gladiator games- the game is going to die. The game has really turned me off in recent years.

    • They would have been so much better off just dealing with the problem head on. It made them look like they were hiding something…which they were and down everything came. That is not their style though…what problem? is their style.

      I know…I end up feeling kinda bad because the football I like was Steelers vs Raiders in the rough days…That was/is football to me. When it’s watered down too much…it loses it’s punch.

      Also what makes all of this worse is now you have 300lb guys running like deer…hmmm should that not send up a red flag? Better testing would mean the impact of hits would go down some…but either way you go…you take out the violence in football…it’s not football.

    • It is not natural for a 325lb man to run like a halfback used to run- yes I loved the good old days of the 70’s and 80’s but back then- we were really shielded about what was going on- you never heard the word concussion- the players just played through it– and back then they had the head slap- can you imagine being an offensive lineman and getting smacked on the side of the head thousands of times during your career- can’t be good– but back then they kept it all under wraps- the players kept quiet and no one else was talking either.

    • The public was shielded… There was never anything that I can remember. I can’t imagine playing on turf…seeing their heads bounce off of it. Natural Grass would hurt but that turf was like concrete.
      I watched a few older games last winter when I was reading a few books about that time period and I saw Bradshaw’s and Lynn’s head just drilled on that cold turf they had.

    • The infamous Turkey Jones- stuffing of Bradshaw into the turf.. I can’t believe he came back and played that year.. in the early 80’s when Staubach retired due to concussions- it was like- players get concussions?- to me- you just never heard of it– of course now we hear stories about how they were happening left and right but the players never reported it and kept playing..

    • It was also a macho age but they didn’t know any better. That was one I remembered. I forget which Raider basically Pile drived Swann into the ground.

    • George Atkinson… those Steelers -Raider games were war… there were hits back in those days that today would have players suspended for half the season.

    • yes Chuck Noll said the Raiders were a criminal element in the NFL- there was a law suit- the Raiders- Atkinson lost. .. yes they were tough guys- it was a much different era. They made a lot less money- if you were hurt you just played unless it was impossible to.

    • MLB players thanks to Marvin Miller- are way way ahead of the NFL union. I wonder if the NFL- and the players are in for a long showdown- strike when their agreement ends in a couple years? The players seem unhappy over a number of issues- lack of guaranteed salaries- Roger Goddell’s insanely inconsistent punishment rulings etc..

    • The NFL has a history of using replacement players but the union should have held firm…

      I don’t think they would do it again now with the media coverage of today.

    • I think the NFL is going to have to give at least something to the players or there is going to be some labor trouble. Going on as it is today I don’t think will cut it for the players but- as you pointed out their union is weak and they always seem to lose the labor battles to the owners.

    • You think in these days people would go for replacement players? The media would be all over them. The union hopefully knows this and won’t fold again…plus they make more now so it won’t be as much of an emergency.

    • Now I think the union has some leverage…the media.
      But as we were talking…they better both be worried about the ratings drop…

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