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  • BOB DYLAN: FALLEN ANGELS: 2016: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Much like the previous years Shadows In The Night- covers of songs from the great American songbook- that were once done by Frank Sinatra.

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  • STEVE EARLE: TOWNES: 2009: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I like to see artists pay homage to the artists who inspired them- and Earle has always been one to talk about his musical heroes- be it Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, The Beatles etc. On this album he shines some light on the great song writer Townes Van Zandt by covering 15 of this songs. Townes is best known for writing “Pancho and Lefty”- but he was a songwriters songwriter- who never got the public acclaim that he deserved.



  • WAYLON JENNINGS: HONKY TONK HEROES: 1973: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of the big albums in the birth of the Outlaw movement in country music in the early 70’s. All the songs on this album but one were written or co-written by the great Billy Joe Shaver who was at the time an unknown talent. Rolling the dice on Shaver was a gamble at the time.  RCA and Chet Atkins tried to keep it from getting released and at first the reviews were mixed but now it is universally regarded as a landmark album. Honky Tonk Heroes, Old Five and Dimers, Willy The Wandering Gypsy and Me [yes the song was about that Willie- Nelson}  Low Down Freedom, You Asked Me To are among the highlights.

That's The Way Love Goes: The Final Recordings Of Lefty Frizzell

  • LEFTY FRIZZELL: THAT’S THE WAY LOVE GOES: THE FINAL RECORDINGS OF LEFTY FRIZZELL: 1996: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: A massively popular and influential country artist in the 1950’s- an influence upon the likes of George Jones, Merle Haggard [who used his singing as the template for his singing style} Willie Nelson, John Fogerty and many others- his career was hampered by alcoholism and an early death over 40 years ago. He seems largely forgotten today which is a shame. After being dropped after two decades with Columbia- he signed in the 70’s with ABC and recorded 23 songs with ABC- here are 16 of them. He sounds great again- and the music is pure country.

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  • PAUL MCCARTNEY: NEW: 2013: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Macca’s last album- until his new one which comes out in early September. A very upbeat album. He used four different producers on this including Giles Martin. New, Queenie Eye, On My Way To Work, Early Days and Appreciate among my favorites. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

listened to the American Top 40 replay from August 22, 1970 on the 70’s on 7 and also to hours 2 and 3 of this weeks Neon Beat.



    • Today is the first time in a while I have listened to New- it is pretty good!! Waylon- I mentioned Steve Earle being someone who honors his influences- his last album was dedicated to Waylon Jennings- and I bet his character in The Wire being named Walon- wasn’t a coincidence.

    • That is something I meant to bring up to you. You should have called me out on that. I knew Walon looked familiar! I told my son I know him…didn’t think a thing about it until it just popped in my head after we were done with the series…That is Steve Earle!

      Sometimes I can be so slow.

    • He was great in the Walon character. After what he went through he probably knows all about it. Excuse my lateness…

    • I’ve had that happen a number of times I see someone in a film or show and it’s like- I know this person- and then when I find out who it was I am like “How could I not figure that one out sooner!”

    • Well that makes me feel better anyway…

      off topic We are on Season 2 Episode 6 of Breaking Bad. I can see Walter is turning. Now I feel bad for Jesse at times. I didn’t think that would happen at first.
      Thanks again for the recommendation….this one is a winner also so far.

    • I have watched the series 4 times- and each time I gain more sympathy for Jesse- and see Walter as a darker character than the time before- selfish. Thinking only of himself. Glad you are liking- i think it only gets better…

    • I wasn’t expecting the dark humor and I love it. Tuco…or however you spell it has to be the most realistic maniac character I’ve ever seen in a show.

    • Tuco is scary! We have of course seen bad guys in movies/ shows before but with this guy from one moment to the next- you don’t know what to expect. Any answer could be the wrong answer that sets him off! What a nut case!!

    • I know you can’t even help him or he goes off. I was so happy when Hank shot him. It just keeps getting darker. The actor that plays Walters son is great. My sister in law IS Skyler…well so far.

    • i was rattling my brain tying to think of it but the only character I can think of who is as psycho as Tuco- the Commandant Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List- there were no rules where you follow and be safe- he just could be set off by anything…. Yes I agree the actor who plays Walter Jr- [or Flynn} is excellent.. LOL on Skyler. Have you been introduced to the Gus Fring character yet? I forget which episode he start.

    • No not yet…I just looked up his picture. The funny thing is I use to watch Better Call Saul…he hasn’t showed up yet either but he is about to because I saw one of the upcoming episode names.

    • I’m looking forward to it. Knowing things never bothered me. My son doesn’t want to know a thing but me it doesn’t bother.

    • Last fall we were out west and coming back and passed through Alburqurque- there are Breaking Bad tours you can take–we were pushed for time you don’t know how badly I wanted to go on a tour.

    • That would have been fun and I can relate. I’ve always wanted to go to Cottage Grove Oregon just to see where Buster wrecked the train and dig up a piece… Some people look at me weird but I think you would relate.

    • That would be great too- Cottage Grove.. I don’t think it is a bit weird those type of things are right up my alley.

    • It’s part of history…pop culture history but history all the same. To be standing where something happened is exciting… Gettysburg for you is probably the same thing. Different history but it’s history.

    • Yes I love anything history-be it real history or a location where a movie/film was filmed. It always bums me out when I hear some place where something- even a minor thing- happened-has been torn down or destroyed.

    • America is much more prone to do that than England from what I’ve seen anyway. I am a firm believer places, houses or whatever needs to be preserved for the future.

      I saw something on American Pickers the other day about the Gettysburg Museum of History. It looked really cool.

    • It is an interesting place. The only place I’ve ever seen that sells John Wilkes Booth t-shirts LOL. …. I think America is starting to get a little better about saving its historical places than it used to be- but still has a long way to go..

    • I just busted up laughing… really? John Wilkes Booth… something is just wrong about that lol…
      Now this is really shallow but the Brady house was getting torn down… someone came in at the last minute and saved it recently… hey… it’s the Brady House!

    • I saw that on the Brady House-and well I am glad someone stepped in an bought it. In Cleveland I haven’t been there and really have no desire to but the house from A Christmas Story- you can go visit. .. I was thinking- when new ballparks were built they of course tore down the old ones- now we are left with Wrigley and Fenway- I think those places are going to stay due to the history and our now viewing them as the last places to what once was….. Yes a John Wilkes Booth t-shirt. And I just had to buy one! I find it odd- I guess enough time has passed but I’ve been to Dealey Plaza in Dallas and there are JFK related merch- but you aren’t finding a Lee Oswald anything now that would really be creepy.

    • Yes I agree that would be creepy… the old saying “is it too soon?”… yes it would be in that case of Oswald… i would have been first in line to get the Wilkes… just for the looks you get.
      If McCourt would have bought the Red Sox… his plan was to tear it down. Now at least they have added to both ballparks so now they will stay… I mean Babe Ruth actually played at both… at Fenway for a long time and Wrigley for the… called shot or story of… where else can you get that history.

    • I have wore the t-shirt a couple times- it always draws laughs.. Booth- well before he did his act- from most accounts could be a very charming man- he wasn’t a loser- Oswald- probably didn’t have a friend in the world- I don’t think and well I won’t be around but in 100 years I doubt the Oswald shirt has made an appearance. … I think the people of Boston and Chicago would riot now if they tried to tear down those ballparks. I know land is valuable in cities but… well with the work they have done to both places they should be there for years to come!!! Some of the soccer stadiums in England have been there since the 1800s!

    • That was a good idea of them to do the T-Shirts…
      I do wish Oswald would have lived through the attack so more info could have gotten out. Not that I liked the guy.

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