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The Beatles Song of the Day is I Will. I Will is on side 2 of The Beatles White Album is was written by Paul McCartney. Sixty-seven takes of I Will were recorded at Abbey Road -they ended up liking take sixty-six the best and then added some overdubs. Paul had moved on from writing songs influenced by Jane Asher- this is one of his first songs inspired by Linda Eastman soon to be Linda McCartney.  The song was started- where many of the White Album songs were written or conceived- In India during the retreat with the Maharishi.  When he came back to England Paul wasn’t satisfied with the words and came up with a new lyric. When he wrote this Linda and her daughter hadn’t yet arrived in London to begin their lives with Paul. A very good song but I wouldn’t call it a Beatles classic. The song resembles musically- I’ll Follow The Sun. Paul McCartney: vocal, acoustic guitar, vocal bass: John Lennon: percussion: Ringo Starr: cymbals, bongos and maracas. Produced by George Martin.

  • rating **** out of 5 stars.
  • Never released as a single.
  • length of song 1:46
  • recorded on September 16, 17th 1968
  • Spignesi and Lewis rank I Will as #30 greatest Beatles song, critic Bill Wyman has it as #54 out of 213 Beatles songs,  the listeners poll at the Beatles Channel has it at #58 in their top 100, Jim Beviglia in his book has it at #69. Rolling Stone doesn’t have it in their top 100.

Image result for the beatles i will images

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