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  • STEVE EARLE: EARLY TRACKS: 1987: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Released after the success of his debut album Guitar Town. These tracks were cut between 1982-85 four of the songs had been released on an EP in 1982 “Pink &Black”-  5 of the 14 songs are covers. If you are a big Steve Earle fan of course you’d want to own this otherwise- probably not. Most interesting is an early version of one of his great songs “The Devil’s Right Hand.”

Dylan sitting onstage with a guitar

  • BOB DYLAN: DOWN IN THE GROOVE: 1988: 1 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Two bad albums in a row from Dylan- this one following Knocked Out Loaded. Favorite song is the song Dylan wrote with The Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter “Silvio” Dylan in a dry period in his writing- two originals and two written with Hunter- the rest are covers. It was around this time that Dylan began his “Never Ending Tour.”

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  • VAN MORRISON: THE HEALING GAME: 1997: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: After a couple albums of collaborating with others- Van is back to making a Van album. Standouts- Rough God Goes Riding, Sometimes We Cry, The Healing Game and Burning Ground- and if you have the re-issue-At The End Of The Day.

20th Century Masters: The Best Of 10cc

  • 10CC: THE BEST OF 10CC: 2002: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: 10CC were much more successful in their native UK than in the US- they only had 3 Top 40 hits in the US and two of them went Top 5- the magnificent “I’m Not In Love” #2 and “The Things We Do For Love” #5. The other peaked at #40 People In Love. There are probably better compilation albums out there on the group- but this one when I bought it was cheap and had what I wanted on it- ” I’m Not In Love”- I like them but not enough were I am going to dig any deeper.


  1. Into the Groove… I listened to this album a lot at the time…His version of “Lets Stick Together” I loved…and I did like Silvio…but that is about it.

    • Lets Stick Together not bad.. Silvio.. little else. I can’t recall where I read it maybe an magazine article – about how at this point in time Bob was probably at the low point in his career. People were starting not to care. Even back in the early 70’s when he had a few clunkers- people still cared.

    • This is around the time I saw him for the first time. I had hope for the album after hearing Silvio but then it disappeared. He was fading at that time no doubt.
      I do like his twists on some covers at times… Not Fade Away on a live version I’ve heard and this version “Let’s Stick Together”
      Of course, covers are not what Bob is known for…

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