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On this date in 1994- 24 years ago today- Major League Baseball players went on strike- the owners and players couldn’t reach any agreement in 1994 and eventually on September 12 the acting Commissioner Bud “Light” Selig Jr would cancel the remainder of the season and the 1994 World Series.   They began the modern World Series in 1903- the only other year there wasn’t a World Series was in 1904 when John McGraw and his New York Giants refused to play the Boston Americans [now Red Sox} due to McGraw’s animosity towards American League President Ban Johnson.

The 1994 strike ruined a great season. As mid-August approached Tony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres was hitting .394. Could he have become the first .400 hitter since Ted Williams in 1941? The Montreal Expos had the best team- and record in baseball 74-40 if there hadn’t been a strike and if the Expos could have won the World Series would that franchises history have been changed-would they still be the Montreal Expos and not have moved to Washington to become the Nationals?  Matt Williams had 43 home runs- could he have made a run at Roger Maris’s all- time single season record of 60? We will sadly never know the answers to those questions.

The strike would finally end right before the start of the 1995 season. At first baseball had a big problem getting the fans to return but by the summer of 1998 the McGwire/ Sosa home run race – for the most part all had been forgiven and forgotten. Baseball seems to have learned their lesson- in the last 24 years there have been no work stoppages. The players and the owners are both rolling in the money. A work stoppage now would do no one any good.

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  1. Baseball is and has been a great game that won’t die no matter how the owners and players have tried to kill it through the years.

    • I was in a Panama City Beach condo when I heard the news. The Dodgers didn’t matter at that point… I just couldn’t believe it was happening.

    • you would have thought both sides would have realized what was at stake and came to their senses but of course they didn’t.

    • I really thought common sense would prevail…what was I thinking. Then Mcguire – Sosa helped get them out of it…but later got baseball in trouble again.

    • Budlight and the owners had to know what was going on with the steroids- but they turned their heads–because home runs brought the fans back. It was a travesty when Selig got into the HOF- and Bonds- Clemens etc haven’t.

    • Except of course for Faye Vincent- who wanted to be an actual commissioner of all of baseball and not just a puppet for the owners.

    • He had sense- i think that should have ruled him out of contention for the job- same with Bart. Both good guys. I don’t think Budlight could run a lemonade stand correctly.

    • He was just a mouthpiece for the owners and nothing but… Him turning around and bitching about steroids was crazy. The fans and writers knew…either juiced balls or steroids.

    • It was all fine when the $$$$$ was rolling in to everyone! I even remember thinking that year- this record hasn’t been threatened in 30 plus years– now two guys are smashing it? hmmmm.

    • I know… I believe it started in the late 80s… I watch the 88 World Series now and again. The A’s players looked like NFL type bodies compared to the puny Dodgers.

    • Canseco- I remember the Washington Post’s Tom Boswell writing about Jose and his ‘milkshakes”— supposedly the report I recall is the year before he broke in to the big leagues- he shows up in spring training and had changed so much in the off-season no one recognized him.

    • It is incredible how big that 88-89 team was… The Dodgers looked like an accounting department compared to the A’s.

    • No offense to your Dodgers- and they won that series going away-and I give them credit for winning -that had to be the worst line up for a World Championship team I have ever seen.. but they had the pitching.

    • Oh no doubt. They shouldn’t have won. I compare some of the Giants wins in the last few years….they did have the pitching…

    • They could have called the World Series off when Gibson hit the home run- it was only 1 game to none but it was over.

    • It sucked the spirit out of the As… I was 21 and didn’t think the Dodgers had a chance. On paper they lose every time

    • That series and the Reds winning in 90- the predictions- A’s in 3… you just never know in a short series. the best team doesn’t always win!!

    • Bumgarner- when the Pirates faced him in the wild card game a few years back– and Arrietta- knew the outcome wasn’t going to be favorable.

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