The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Dear Prudence”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Dear Prudence.” “Dear Prudence” is on The Beatles “The Beatles” album [aka “The White Album.}  Dear Prudence was written by John Lennon. The Beatles were in India when they wrote a lot of the songs that would appear on “The White Album” and this was one of those songs.  They were in India studying under the Mararishi Mehesh Yogi. There were a number of celebrity types there including the actress Mia Farrow and her 20 year old sister Prudence. Prudence was really into the meditation and refused to come out of her hut. Everyone would be checking on her-to make sure she was still alive. She was just trying to reach God quicker than everyone else. John would turn this event into a song. This is my favourite song on “The White Album.”  The song was recorded after Ringo  stormed out and briefly…

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