The Georgia Peach

  • LITTLE RICHARD: THE GEORGIA PEACH:1991: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: 25 songs from Little Richard- hit greatest hits. He was out of this world! All the hits are here- Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally, Lucille,  Jenny Jenny, Good Golly Miss Molly, The Girl Can’t Help It etc.. A great influence on many including The Beatles, Prince, Otis Redding, James Brown, David Bowie, Rod Stewart- a whose who of rock and R&B stars.

Get Behind Me Satan.jpg

  • WHITE STRIPES: GET BEHIND ME SATAN: 2005: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The White Stripes 5th album- they would do one more before disbanding in 2007. The album went to #3 on the album chart and Blue Orchid nearly cracked the Top 40 peaking at #43. A solid album but not close to their best. Best tracks-My Doorbell, Blue Orchid, The Denial Twist, and Instinct Blues.

ACDC Back in Black.png

  • AC/DC: BACK IN BLACK: 1980: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: What if I told you-a rock band 7 albums into their career and coming off their biggest record- would have their singer die- and the next year they would release an album with a previously unknown singer- and that album would become one of the best selling albums of all times. Unlikely. Far fetched but it happened with AC/DC when Bon Scott died and Brian Johnson replaced him. This album has sold an estimated 50 million copies world wide. Incredible. A number of AC/DC classics on this- the title track,  Hell’s Bells, You Shook Me All Night Long, Shoot To Thrill, Rock and Roll Ain’t Nose Pollution.

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  1. AC/DC – Very few bands can survive a singer change…much less thrive…Enough great guitar riffs on this album to make Keith Richards happy.

    • Trying to think of groups that did- AC/DC- Van Halen… anyone else? Not counting all those 50’s early 60’s doo wop type groups like The Drifters.

    • Black Sabbath could be one…Bad Company had a hit in the 90s with a new singer…None like Van Halen and AC/DC that is coming to me

    • I was never a big fan but I do remember they kept their popularity… I’m trying to think of someone else… I really think that is it…isnt it?

    • Yes, he could. Those stories are priceless!
      Off topic… are you excited about the All Star Game? I have to admit after interleague play started it’s not as special to me anymore.

    • Not at all. I got home from the library and my wife was watching something else- and that was fine with me. I think Inter-league play did me in. Growing up until the mid-90’s I never missed one. Now- it’s nothing special. Maybe I am wrong but when they are interviewing players -managers in the dugout during the game– makes it seem like well what is has become an exhibition. Also back in the day it was a chance to see players you didn’t see often. How often was Rod Carew and the Twins on the Game of The Week? The All-Star Game was special. I guess it is still the only All-Star Game now that has any meaning-the others sports all-star games are useless.

    • I’m not the only one then. I don’t expect them to kill each other playing but the spark is gone. It’s probably the money also although I’m glad they do get paid now and not being used by owners.
      I do agree that the baseball All Star game is the only one that matters.
      I’m glad I can see any team I want at anytime with the extra innings package but on the other hand it doesn’t make it as special…so there is good and bad I guess. What I wouldn’t have given for that when I was a kid…

    • Maybe another factor is all the player movement now- back then if you were an AL or NL player you were pretty much for life in that league- it was a matter of pride to win that game. I don’t sense the players today care as much about the game.

    • I do agree with that. Even if they were traded it was usually in the same league.
      You told me this morning and I had just read from Dodgerdigest that they are in fact one of the two teams that Machado may go to…Phillies or Dodgers. I am a big prospect guy but they have so many that a lot of them are not playing because there is no room…so I would be happy to have him.

    • Prospects are prospects– the NL looks wide open I honestly can’t see the Brewers- Braves or Brewers going to the World Series but I guess stranger things have happened… With Seager out for the season they could use Machado’s bat. Cubs or Dodgers for NL representative in the October-November classic Hans Postcard predicts! .. As a Pirates fan I wish a few years ago they would have pulled off a similar deal and gotten more late season help- Tyler Glasnow was one of the top pitching prospects in the game but they wouldn’t deal him.. he has now gone from prospect to suspect.

    • I know you never know about a prospect. I fall in love with them too easy…also I’m glad the Dodgers are building from within now instead of signing every free agent. I think the best has been promoted now that could help soon anyway.
      The Pirates were good enough to win it all a few years ago. I was watching them because they were young and exciting. A trade would have helped them
      I hope you are right in your predictions…except the Cubs lol… The Braves will be awesome soon if the young players keep growing…I will say they made some good trades and really ripped off the Diamondbacks…which doesn’t hurt my feelings.

    • I agree with you on the Braves- and their farm system is so loaded with pitching even if they don’t all succeed some of them will. I think they are just too thin in pitching right now.. But you never know. The Diamond Backs have given away a lot of young talent over the years in knucklehead trades that is for sure.

    • The Diamondbacks refused to embrace the new metrics and it hurt them and they were robbed blind…which makes me happy being in the west division.
      Oh…what a change in scenery in The Wire in the 2nd season. Looks like they are covering every base on the drugs…plus I love that McNaulty is being a pain…

    • Will do off tomorrow hope to finish the series up… i was looking at what the D-Backs got for Scherzer– Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson…for Trevor Bauer they did get Didi Gregorious but of course ended up getting rid of him…

    • Mr. I’ve played with everyone Jackson… that is terrible… he was a prospect the Dodgers thought high of…

    • Edwin Jackson must be a good clubhouse guy-he’s been in about every clubhouse in the league! Imagine the book he could write.

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