The Beatles Song Of The Day:”Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is the third song on side 1 of The Beatles most famous iconic [but not greatest album] Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song was written by John Lennon. It is one of The Beatles most famous and controversial songs. May took the initials of the song and thought of it as a drug song LSD. John would always deny this. The song was inspired by his son  Julian. Julian came home from nursery school with a painting. John asked him what it was and Julian said it was “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.” John would also claim that the hallucinatory images in the song were inspired by Lewis Carroll and his book ” Through The Looking Glass.”  Growing up Lewis Carroll was a favourite author of John’s. John…

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18 responses to “The Beatles Song Of The Day:”Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

    • I would say yes…It is…I love the title cut but Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds would win out to me.

    • I bought the Elton Lucy- a few years after the fact when I heard John was on the b-side with Elton doing I Saw Her Standing There.

    • Wasn’t that his last onstage performance? That was where he said an old fiance of mine called Paul, wasn’t it? It’s been a while.

    • Yep… I don’t hate Yoko or anything but I’ve read where someone said something and it probably rings true. They said that Yoko didn’t break up the Beatles but she is the reason they never got back together. That sounds like a fair statement…again it’s probably good they didn’t.

    • That sounds pretty accurate I think- I think a number of reasons for the break-up but as long as John was with Yoko a reunion wasn’t in the cards. Not to be someone who predicts what never happened but had John lived I don’t think that relationship would have lasted the 80s… who knows we will never know.

    • I don’t either. Where there is smoke…many people have come out and said he wasn’t as happy as he appeared with her.

    • I think he liked putting up a good front- he took so much criticism for getting with her in the first place … maybe you don’t want to come out and admit things aren’t so peachy…

    • Yes, he didn’t want to admit it. You are right….I will say this…I’ve never seen an interview so brutally honest as that last one he did with Playboy. He loved to shock though… I’ve read where he walked into an occult book store and on the way out say “God bless You”… Just to do it.

    • I could see him doing that ! Yes that was a much better interview I think than the famous Lennon Remembers- Rolling Stone interview as far as showing maturity. He was so angry in the early 70’s- it seemed like he was finally getting some perspective on the beatle years at the end.

    • He was becoming a fan also…well more of one of The Beatles. He actually was collecting some items from the Beatle days. It depended on which John you encountered that day. I do think he would have come around more though… Even as a kid when I saw “Oh that song was a throwaway” I was like…come on John.

    • Exactly- if he was interviewed every week what he said would probably have varied from one week to the next- he said what he thought-at the moment.

    • A Day In The Life- my vote for best Beatles song ever– although not my favorite -the best. yours?

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