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  • LED ZEPPELIN: PHYSICAL GRAFFITI: 1975: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of the great double albums of all times. Contains my favorite Zeppelin song- Kashmir. A number of different music styles on this album- the source of its greatness. I’d rank it just behind Led Zeppelin IV in the rankings of their albums. This was their peak- it was somewhat downhill after this album.


A landscape monochrome photograph of U2 in the desert sits in the center of a black background. U2 are standing on the left half of the photograph, with a mountain range on the right half. Tiny gold text reading "THE JOSHUA TREE U2" is stretched across the top of the black background.

  • U2: THE JOSHUA TREE: 1987: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The landmark U2 album. They were slowly building up for an explosion and this album made them at the time ‘ the greatest rock band in the world.” I saw them on that tour- and last year saw them on the 30th anniversary tour twice. One of my handful of favorite 1980’s albums- maybe my favorite if London Calling is considered 1970’s.

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  • VAN MORRISON: INTO THE MUSIC: 1979: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: My second favorite Van album behind Astral Weeks. It came out in late 1979 along with Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming which got ten times more publicity than this album- as brilliant as Slow Train Coming is- I like this album better- whereas Bob hits you over the head with his religious conversion- Van’s album is a lot less judgmental.


AfroCubism (Front Cover).png

  • AFROCUBISM: 2010: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Grammy nominated album made of musicians from Mali and Cuba- I was wanting to listen to something a little off the map today and this fit very well.

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  1. Physical Graffiti – Houses of the Holy and Night Flight…which sounds like a song the Stones would do…
    Into The Music – Bright Side of the Road

    • I looked at acclaimed music to see how it ranked Into The Music and Slow Train Coming for 1979- Into The Music they had at #50 for the year and Slow Train Coming didn’t make their top 70… outrageous!!!

    • It was held against Dylan I think for becoming religious…I may be completely wrong but I do remember a lot of people being angry especially on tour when he just played his new songs…like I said I may be completely off base.

    • I saw him in 1980- and people were booing him… it was well known what he was going to play- i don’t know why they were shocked. it was a great concert. i think you are right- i thought it was an outstanding album but it was controversial.

    • I remember people talking about him not playing his old songs. It was a great album and like you said he wasn’t making a secret of what he was playing…That and Blood on the Tracks I loved from the seventies.
      A story about Little Richard…he did the same thing and just played the religious music…of course he had his fun. He would scream…”Remember Long Tall Sally?” the audience would go wild…”Remember Tutti Frutti?” audience would go wild… right then he would say…well I ain’t doing them…and start singing Will The Circle Be Unbroken… I can’t help but laugh at that…

    • Of course this was the days before the internet but as you said everyone knew he wasn’t playing the old songs. I agree Blood On The Tracks and Slow Train Coming his best 70’s stuff- I liked Desire too. … Richard was a character that is for sure. That is a funny story.

  2. I think I hit the wrong button and your comment disappeared… but i recall what you said– Infidels and Shot of Love my favorite Dylan 80’s– the mid to late 80’s were probably the worst point in his career I guess…. I loved the Jokerman video..

  3. I haven’t listened to Shot Of Love in forever… I need to. Neighborhood Bully and Jokerman I liked from Infidels…

    • I got the box set Trouble No More which came out last fall covering 1979-81 i need to get that out and play it i honestly forgot i had it- must be under a pile of books!.. Neighborhood Bully another good one. Empire Burlesque wasn’t bad.

    • Bob Dylan was much more than the 1960s but sometimes I get stuck there,.. I need to drag out the 80s and listen again. One cover he did in the 80s I loved… “Stick Together” I think it was called… on In the Groove? It’s been a while

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