On a rough wall hangs a painting of an elderly man in a field with a large bundle of sticks tied to his back.

  • LED ZEPPELIN: LED ZEPPELIN IV: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The most famous Led Zeppelin album and I also think the best. Their famous “Stairway To Heaven” is on this but at this point I am sure everyone has heard this song more than enough- but the rest of the songs are all outstanding. Looking at a list of 1971 albums I would only rank one album ahead of this one- The Who “Who’s Next.”

The Envoy (Warren Zevon album cover).jpg

  • WARREN ZEVON: THE ENVOY: 1982: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of my favorite Zevon albums and the most neglected album in his catalog. He was dropped from Asylum when this record didn’t sell well but I have always loved it. It wouldn’t be until the 21st century until this was released on CD. After this album Zevon went into decline with alcohol and drugs and didn’t release another album for 5 years. Who else but Warren Zevon would write a song about Diplomat Philip Habib?- The Envoy. Other standout tracks one about Elvis- Jesus Mentioned, The Hula Hula Boys, Ain’t That Pretty At All and one of my favorite Zevon tracks “Charlie’s Medicine.”

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  • BILLIE JOE AND NORAH: FOREVERLY: 2013: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Norah Jones tackle the Everly Brothers Songs Our Daddy Taught Us album from 1958. Worth a listen and it’s nice they did this and threw some attention on The Everly Brothers but I’ll go with the original.


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  • HAMILTON: THE MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK: 2015:5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Was in the mood to listen to it again- it’s a commitment being well over 2 hours for both CD’s. Still want to see this play sometime.


  • VAN MORRISON: VEEDON FLEECE: 1974: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Earlier I listened to the underappreciated The Envoy from Warren Zevon- I think Veedon Fleece is the most overlooked Van album. The closest he ever came to the stream-of- consciousness writing of Astral Weeks. There was no singles or FM radio hits on this album. It only reached #53 on the Billboard album charts. I don’t think there is a bad song on the album- and he wrote all but two of these songs in a three week period.

also did a lot of radio listening- this weeks edition of Celtic Crush- and the replay of American Top 40 on the 70’s on 7- June 23, 1973…. and this morning I watched the great documentary on The Who “The Kid’s Are Alright.”

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    • I don’t know why that Zevon album has been so overlooked- at the time they must have been looking for another Werewolves Of London– there are no hit singles or radio songs on this- I don’t even think Charlie’s Medicine makes the double cd best of- but it’s a great song… i think anyway. I remember waiting forever for The Envoy – and Stand In The Fire to be finally released to CD.

    • Nothing wrong with that- or the books- I have never really tried audio books I have found that my attention wonders off and I miss something so I just read the printed page!…

    • I always have to hit the 30 second rewind if I’m distracted. I need to take a break from them again. I only listen to them on my car trips but I need a change.

    • I just ordered Duel- I figured with Spielberg involved it would be out on DVD- and 11 libraries had it!

    • Thanks for the movie suggestions- I haven’t been watching many movies or shows of late–good to watch stuff I hadn’t seen before. So far your batting 1000%

    • I’m nervous… You know there is one movie I want to watch soon…Vanishing Point…I haven’t seen it in years. Writing about Duel reminded me of that. .. I’m glad you are liking them. The ’66 book I’ve enjoyed so much. Kinda fed my hunger since I finished Tune In

    • Vanishing Point sounds familiar but I don’t know if I have seen it… Yes I really enjoyed ’66- I think that really made me realize why they quit touring- I don’t know how they survived that tour- with the Bigger Than Jesus mess and Marcos…

    • The main thing to me was they were not getting any better. Why go tour when you are not listened to. They became what the Super Bowl is now…an event… I forgot about the trouble in Japan about playing at Budokan. Everywhere they turned something bad was happening. I can’t blame them either….
      I love the car in Vanishing Point. It’s an odd movie but good.

    • I’ve been listening to Rough Mix for 10 minutes off of youtube…. already… My Baby Gives It Away and Nowhere to Run…I completely forgot about those songs. It’s like opening a door that has been shut for a while.

    • I don’t know why but when I think of that album i think of it being a fun listen. Those are two outstanding tunes!

    • I’m listening to more. There is a documentary on Ronnie Lane on youtube I’ve seen. I want to track down the real thing. Pete said he knew something was wrong with him when they made that album. Ronnie wrote some good melodies in his career and of course Pete did…They were a great match.

    • I just looked up and ordered Vanishing Point- 1971- Dean Jagger- Barry Newman- Cleavon Little -correct?

    • Yes, that is it… it has a cult movie following. Maybe you can help me figure out what the meaning is… I know what will happen. The one I want you to see most is the one you won’t like…Life On Mars lol.

    • The first episode had me hooked. My favorite show in the last twenty years…that’s not saying much though. It really shows the difference between modern times and then…

    • Have you ever seen the HBO show The Wire? I believe that is my favorite show ever- it was on from 2003-2008 give or take a year each way. 5 seasons.

    • It is a show that you have to really focus on- I admit the first time I tried to watch it- I watched 2 episodes and was kind of confused- the number or characters etc- then I gave it a second try- so when I suggest it to someone I suggest to them watch the first couple episodes twice and then move on- really great writing- great character sketches.. I’ve watched the series from start to finish four times now.

    • I’ll do that. My son has a friend with the first season…I just talked to him…he is excited because he wants me to see it.

    • I am a big Sopranos fan– but The Wire- is in a class by itself in my opinion.. it was one of those shows that seemed to take off- after it was over with. During its run it didn’t have great ratings.

    • I’m really looking forward to it. My son told me to thank you…he said “finally”…lol.. I can get secluded in my library of old tv shows and music documentaries…like I said. I need a change.

    • I am sure we will. Ever since I wrote about Adam 12 I’ve been binge watching it… Man, that is kinda sad…binge watching Adam 12…

    • Binge watching is really the way to go.. The only current show that I watch on a week to week basis- having to wait a week for the next episode currently is Game of Thrones and it is taking the year off. I love watching one after the other without those commercials!!!

    • I hate commercials… The only way I watch them is with baseball games.
      I always watch late at night when everyone else is asleep…my peace time.

    • I guess with baseball we know we are missing nothing with the commercials- just the changing of the sides… always good to have some peace time!!

    • Yes, nobody. He was so original. You know we once said something about the music not going with the words on the song The River by that Pittsburg group… Excitable Boy is the definition of music and words not matching…but its great.

    • I met Warren once after a concert- his bus was just sitting out there and he was standing at the top of the steps talking to someone no one else there- when they were done talking I walked up and talked a few minutes- the show had went well- he was in a good mood.

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