The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Girl”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Girl.” “Girl” is on The Beatles “Rubber Soul” album. The song was written by John Lennon. John would say on the song “This was about a dream girl. When Paul and I wrote lyrics in the old days we used to laugh about it, like the Tin Pan Alley people would. And it was only later on that we tried to match the lyrics to the tune. I like this one. It was one of my best.” John said that the fantasy girl in the song was anchetype he was searching for his entire life and finally found in Yoko Ono. {Be careful of what you are looking for} There were a couple ‘jokes’ in the song that John threw in- one is he had the background singers singing ‘tit tit tit tit tit.” This album was influenced by pot and you can…

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