The Beatles Song Of The Day: “I’ll Follow The Sun”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “I’ll Follow The Sun.” “I’ll Follow The Sun” is the 4th song on side 1 of The Beatles “Beatles For Sale” album. Paul McCartney wrote the song. John would say that this was something Paul had written almost before The Beatles. A tape of the song exists from before 1960.  He would also call it ‘a nice one.” This song was influenced by The Beatles love of Buddy Holly. In the 1970’s Paul would buy the publishing catalogue of the great Buddy Holly. John Lennon: harmony vocal and acoustic rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: vocal and acoustic lead guitar/ George Harrison: lead guitar/ Ringo Starr: percussion. The song was recorded on October 18th, 1964 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin.

Rating “I’ll Follow The Sun” on a scale of 1 to 5 stars ****

  • The song was never released as a single.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine ranked…

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