AMERICAN TOP 40- MAY 6, 1978 -40 YEARS AGO!!

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Listened to the 70’s on 7’s replay of American Top 40 for the week of May 6, 1978. I was listening to AT40 every week in those days. Another hard to believe this was forty years ago. Not a bad Top 40 in my opinion. My grades for the records follows.


40: DANCE WITH ME – PETER BROWN C  his second and last hit.

39. EVERY KIND OF PEOPLE-ROBERT PALMER- A His first US Hit and I think his best.
38: DEACON BLUES – STEELY DAN A  Another excellent song from Steely Dan
37: LET’S ALL CHANT – THE MICHAEL ZAGER BAND F Disco at it’s worst.
36: TWO OUT OF THREE AIN’T BAD – MEAT LOAF B Influenced by the Elvis hit “I want you I need you I love you| From that Bat Out Of Hell album that Meatball has made a career out of. Yes I own a copy.
35: LOVE IS THICKER THAN WATER – ANDY GIBB  A Written by his brothers those Bee Gees fellers- at the time I hated every Andy Gibb record but hearing them today I must admit they weren’t bad at all. Our Love {Don’t Throw It Away} was a great song.

34. EGO-ELTON JOHN-  C-  Elton in decline.
33: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC – SHAUN CASSIDY F  Great song- the original was anyway.
32: MORE THAN A WOMAN – TAVARES B-  Written by those Bee Gee fellers.
31: YOU BELONG TO ME – CARLY SIMON B + Another pretty good Carly Simon hit.
30: TAKE A CHANCE ON ME – ABBA A  Abba was terrific.
29: GOODBYE GIRL – DAVID GATES  C  David Gates the King of Wimp Pop. IF has to be the Wimp Pop National Anthem.
28: OUR LOVE – NATALIE COLE  B nice forgettable ballad
27: RUNNIN’ ON EMPTY – JACKSON BROWNE A+ my favorite Clyde Browne song. Love it.
26: STAYIN’ ALIVE – THE BEE GEES  A+ one of the defining pop songs of the era.
25: IT’S A HEARTACHE – BONNIE TYLER  B Has anyone ever seen Bonnie Tyler and Rod Stewart in the same room together?
24: WEREWOLVES OF LONDON – WARREN ZEVON  A + Mr. Zevon’s only hit-great novelty song should have been released in Autumn.
23: MOVIN’ OUT – BILLY JOEL A – another hit from Bill’s breakthough smash “The Stranger”
22: BABY HOLD ON – EDDIE MONEY  B+ his first hit. i remember every week Casey talking about how Eddie used to be a NYC cop. He told the story here yet again.
21: LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN – SWEET  B their last american hit.
20: TWO DOORS DOWN – DOLLY PARTON   C I liked Dolly as a country artist but not so much as a pop artist. I am sure they would have been aware of her had Miss Dolly been living two doors down.
19: ON BROADWAY – GEORGE BENSON A  A remake of The Drifters classic.
18: FLASHLIGHT – PARLIAMENT  George Clinton- A- former Vice President and Godfather of Funk. I didn’t like this song at the time but I do now.
16: THIS TIME I’M IN IT FOR LOVE – PLAYER  C  run of the mill pop. Baby Come Back was a better single from them.
15: DISCO INFERNO – THE TRAMMPS  B- another Saturday Night Fever tune
14: SHADOW DANCING – ANDY GIBB  B- my least favorite of the handful of hits Andy Gibb had.

13: FEELS SO GOOD – CHUCK MANGIONE  A  a rare instrumental hit. I still have the single.
12: IMAGINARY LOVER – THE ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION C  -I only know this group by their hits and this was my least favorite song of theirs that I know.
11: JACK & JILL – RAYDIO  A – Ray Parker Jr and Raydio and their Sly and the Family Stone soundalike hit
10: COUNT ON ME – JEFFERSON STARSHIP C They should have quit with the Airplane.
9: DUST IN THE WIND – KANSAS B Never a fan of this group but this song wasn’t bad.
8: LAY DOWN SALLY – ERIC CLAPTON  B- Was never much into the Clapton of this era.
7: YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT – JOHN TRAVOLTA & OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN D  I hated Grease. John Travolta was no singer. Now I lay me down to sleep Arnold Horshack at my feet.
6: TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE – JOHNNY MATHIS AND DENIECE WILLIAMS  B- My mum is a big Johnny Mathis fan- not a bad pop hit.
5: WITH A LITTLE LUCK – WINGS  A a number 1 hit for Wings. Why Paul messed around with these guys I have no idea we know this was Paul McCartney not a democracy.
4: THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU – ROBERTA FLACK B+ My favorite Roberta Flack songs were the ones with the late Donny Hathaway.
3: CAN’T SMILE WITHOUT YOU – BARRY MANILOW D This weeks songs are pretty strong I think- and to think this was #2. I was at my all time Barry Man a Low to quote my artist friend Dan.
2: IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU – YVONNE ELLIMAN  C  Another Saturday Night Fever hit- whatever became of Yvonne Elliman.
1: NIGHT FEVER – THE BEE GEES   A –from my count 5 of the 40 were from Saturday Night Fever.


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  1. Love #24 and #25 and also #15…I wanna say disco sucks but I cannot… I love the bass playing on those disco records.

    • I hated disco at the time but have come to enjoy some of those singles after the fact- and admit to it. Not that I sit around and spin disco all day.

    • I know what you mean. I listen to them also. The musicianship that went into them is incredible. The bass playing was like Motown on steroids. Donna Summer had some really good songs.

    • I only know her hits but she had a great voice. I can’t believe she is gone. Hot Stuff was my favorite song by her. Anything she sang sounds good.

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