We have a fellow who comes into the library on a regular basis- probably 4-5 times a week. He is the most incredibly shy person I have seen. That isn’t remarkable in itself because there are a lot of shy people out there- the thing that gets me is this man is a reporter for a local newspaper. He will come in to check on news for the paper from the library- programs we have planned etc. When he comes in the front door he doesn’t walk straight in but makes an immediate left- which will put him behind bookshelves of new books we have showcased and he will then walk around behind those bookshelves so we can’t see him and then bolt out of the bookshelves and past us at the front desk and I know he is praying “Please don’t speak to me.” I let him go but one of our administrators -when she is out front and sees him she always tells him hello- just because she knows that he doesn’t want to be spoken to. Once in a while he checks something out but never makes eye contract. I have sat at a desk where he was interviewing someone about a program we had going and he never made eye contract with the person he was interviewing. It just amazes me that someone in a job like that can be so poor in communication skills. I was a very very shy person until I got out of college and started teaching- I had to come up with ways to cope, how could I survive in front of thirty students at a time? I have read where there are people who were very shy but came up with ways to deal with it- President Reagan and Johnny Carson come to mind. When I first read about them being shy my first thought was ‘come on that can’t be true” but the more I read about it the more it sounded true. I would hope that this young man- I’d guess he’s in his middle to late 20’s comes up with ways to cope. I get a kick out of it when he comes in but I do feel for him, I know how it feels.  I don’t know how he does his job or why he picked a profession where he would have to interact so much with people.