The Beatles Song Of The Day: “Anytime At All”


The Beatles Song Of The Day is “Anytime At All.” “Anytime At All” is the first song on side 2 of “A Hard Day’s Night”, The Beatles third album which came out in the summer of 1964. This underrated gem was written by John Lennon. John Lennon: vocal and acoustic rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, bass guitar and piano/ George Harrison: lead guitar/ Ringo Starr: drums. The song was recorded on June 2nd 1964 at Abbey Road. Producer: George Martin. This song is full of energy, one of their great rockers. Love John’s shouting/singing. I have always viewed him as the greatest rock and roll singer ever. All of The Beatles are cooking on this one. The song shows the influence of one of The Beatles heroes the immortal Buddy Holly.

Rating “Any Time At All” on a scale of 1 to 5 stars ****1/2

  • John would later admit…

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