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  • PINK FLOYD: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: 1973: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS:CD: One of the most famous albums of all times. I must confess out front I can take or leave Pink Floyd. I have over the years tried to get into them but can’t. I’ve listened to all their albums etc- and I can’t say that I hate them or anything I am lukewarm. I can recognize their appeal and to give this album anything less than 5 stars would be kind of silly but it has never been a ‘go to’ album for me. This album set the record on the Billboard album chart- 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988 on the Top 200 which is remarkable. Over the years it comes and goes from the chart- overall it has been in the Top 200 for 1630 weeks- 31 years. It has sold an estimated 45 million copies. The two Pink Floyd albums that are my favorites would be their two most famous- this and The Wall.


  • THE ROLLING STONES: STICKY FINGERS: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: Beggar’s Banquet/ Let It Bleed/ Sticky Fingers/ Exile On Main Street- what an amazing run The Rolling Stones were on from 1968-72. Sure they were great before that and had some successes after that run but these four albums are the foundations of their legend. A number of Stones classics on this one- Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Bitch, Can You Hear Me Knocking and my favorite song by The Stones- Dead Flowers. Not a bad song on the album. Nowadays when I hear “Brown Sugar” I think of the great scene from my favorite television show “The Wire”- where Pryzbylewski starts rattling off what sounds to everyone like gibberish- about slave ships and New Orleans- and everyone looks at him like he’s nuts- and he explains that you’ve probably have heard the song 500 times but never knew. He then talks of how he used to stick his head up to the speakers and play that record over and over to dicypher the lyrics.


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  • GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD: 1973: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: The studio follow up to George’s first post-Beatles album the double album All Things Must Pass. Give Me Love went to #1 and so did the album. George was still full of songs- being rather limited to one or two an album in his Beatle years he had bloomed as a songwriter in the later Beatles years and was still eager to get the music out. Highlights- Give Me Love, Sue Me Sue You Blues, The Light That Has Lighted The World, Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long, The Day The World Gets Round. Not a bad album at all but not a classic. It has aged well.

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THE ZOMBIES: ODESSEY AND ORACLE: 1968: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: April 19th marked the 50th anniversary of the release of this album. This album is one of the forgotten classics of its day- by one of the most underappreciated bands from the late 60’s. The Zombies are remembered for their three American hits- She’s Not There, Tell Her No and The Time Of The Season but they did a lot more than the hits. I bought a box set that was released back in the mid 90’s called Zombie Heaven years ago and was amazed at how good these guys were. The singer Colin Blunstone- one of the best voices in rock history in my opinion. Odessey and Oracle is a great sounding album, I can’t narrow a favorite songs from the album down to a list because I like them all. This is the album with Time Of The Season on it. I’d highly recommend this album or the box set if you can find it. Fantastic stuff.


  1. These are all great albums!

    I would say “Dark Side Of The Moon” and “Sticky Fingers” are my two favorite Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones records, respectively.

    I can see why Pink Floyd may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I totally dig them! Together with “Wish You Were Here”, “Dark Side” is probably the album I’ve listened to the most in its entirety – more so than any record from The Beatles, even though they are my favorite band! I feel these two Floyd albums are amazing sonic experiences, especially when listening to them with headphones!

    I also really like this record from The Zombies. Until recently, I only knew “Time Of The Season”, “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No.”

    Last but not least, as for George Harrison, while “Living In The Material World” is not a bad album, following up the amazing “All Things Must Pass” probably was a near-impossible task!

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