2018 NFL Mock Draft – Pick #25 Tennessee Titans – C/G Billy Price Ohio State

Fiches NFL Draft 2018 : Billy Price – Centre | Touchdown ...

This one is a coin flip for me – if anyone i pick in the mock is not drafted in the first round this is the one. Price is a good player who just happened to tear one of his pectoral muscles at the combine. Had that not happened he would surely be snapped up quickly.

The Titans could go almost anywhere with this pick – they need DL and OL help, but almost all of the tools are there to get the Titans to the big game. Shoring up the Oline – even with a prospect returning from injury is worth the pick.

Price is 6’4″ 315 and will likely be able to play either of the guard positions or center. He is solid in both run and pass blocking and is able to get out quickly and lead block. Playing in the Big 10 he has seen a lot of good competition.  His only drawback is that unfortunate injury and its timing.

Tennessee picks Billy Price Interior Lineman Ohio State.