2018 NFL Mock Draft – Pick #24 Carolina Panthers – DB Jaire Alexander – Louisville

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The fun thing about this mock draft process is that Hans and i do not chat about who we are going to take until the pick is posted. Makes it sort of fun when you log on and see the player you had planned on taking here is gone. This was supposed to be Mike Hughes, but Hans had other ideas so the pick here is Jaire Alexander DB from Louisville. I know Hans was hoping this guy would be there for the Stillers in a few picks. Sorry buddy.

Carolina could go with Hayden Hurst here if they are wanting Greg Olson to train his replacement, or they could go DJ Moore if they need to get Cam Newton more weapons.

This division is tough 3 of the 4 made the playoffs and have a couple of the next few picks. It is win now in the NFC South. Riverboat Ron Rivera seems to have the franchise pointed in the right direction. The team is up for sale which will not have an impact right away, but if ownership turns to a Bengals, Cardinals, or heaven forbid the Clowns model, things could get ugly.

I think Carolina goes defense here. Jaire Alexander will fill a need. 5’10” 196, he has good ball skills, very instinctive, and does not allow separation between the receiver and himself. Only drawback could be his height going against taller receivers in 50/50 passes – however there have been a lot of corners under 6′ that have made a living in this league.

Panthers take Jaire Alexander CB Louisville.