2018 NFL Mock Draft Pick #18 Seattle Seahawks – Harold Landry EDGE Boston College

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Gives Titans “Top 3-4 OLB” in NFL Draft

Someone decided that the trend this year for the  NFL would be the word EDGE, and no we are not referring to U2’s David Howell Evans (the Edge). Basically this is someone who will be either an Outside Linebacker or Defensive end depending on the system. Also may or may not stand up or put their hand in the dirt.

Please allow Uncle Quinn here an aside for a moment. These NFL guys think they are splitting the atom. One team draft in history has produced 4 Hall of Fame players. The Steelers in 1974 – with Swann, Stallworth, Webster, and Lambert. Here is the thing, after that, the Steelers did not draft another Hall of Famer until Rod Woodson in 1987. While they make it out to be rocket science it is far from it. So when you hear these terms, just think this is just someone trying to be smarter than they actually are. This is why Hans and I do this. We know how football is played, we watch, but this is not our job, and we will fare the same if not better than some of the draftniks. And we could have done better than anyone drafting for the Browns for the last 2 decades. Thank you rant over.

Harold Landry is going to get taken by someone for sure. He is the third best prospect as a pass rusher in the draft. Seattle needs help defensively and on the Oline. This could be a corner here to replace Richard Sherman. Since the better DBs are off the board here Landry is the pick. Also Seattle has very little draft capital. Trading down and getting some more picks would help. If the Seahawks do not trade down they do not pick again until the third day of the draft.

Landry is 6’3″ 250 and is quick. He holds the BC record with 16.5 sacks. He should make a nice living in the NFL.

Seahawks pick Harold Antonio Landry III edge rusher Boston College.