Suburban Voodoo

  • PAUL CARRICK: SUBURBAN VOODOO: 1982: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Before this-his second album Carrick was known as the singer for Ace’s- How Long and Squeeze’s “Tempted.” This was coming right off his stint with Squeeze and their best album “East End Story.” It’s an excellent album full of pop songs. There was a minor hit- “I Need You” which peaked at #36. The album to me sounded like it was full of potential hit singles. Favorites- Lesson In Love, Always Better With You, Don’t Give My Heart A Break, What A Way To Go, and From Now On.


  • BECK: ODELAY: 1996: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: ¬†Nominated for a Grammy Album of The Year, this is my favorite Beck album. He has over the years released a pretty good quality catalog of interesting music. My favorites on this one- Where It’s At. Devil’s Haircut, The New Pollution, Sissyneck, Jack- Ass, Novacane. I hadn’t listened to this in a while- still sounds great.

The Baseball Project - Volume 1 - Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails.jpg

  • THE BASEBALL PROJECT VOL 1: FROZEN ROPES AND DYING QUAILS: 2008: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: The baseball season is underway and I thought it was time to listen to some baseball songs- and this is one of my favorites as far as baseball music goes- Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon- writing all baseball songs- their songs cover all eras of baseball- past to the present- and they are outstanding songs. My favorites on this one- Past Time, Ted Fucking Williams, Gratitude, Sometimes I Dream Of Willie Mays, The Yankee Flipper, Broken Man and Satchel Paige Said- but I do like every song here. They have made three albums- last one in 2014. I am longing to hear more.

The Baseball Project - Volume 2 - High and Inside.jpg

  • THE BASEBALL PROJECT VOL 2: HIGH AND INSIDE: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: CD: The second installment of original baseball songs from The Baseball Project- favorites- 1976, Fair Weather Fans, Here Lives Carl Mays, Pete Rose Way, Ichiro Goes To The Moon and Chin Music.

Photos of differing faces organized in a grid pattern with the band name then the album name at the top

  • THE BEATLES: A HARD DAY’S NIGHT: 1964: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: VINYL: In my quest to buy all The Beatles re-releases on vinyl- this is my latest pick up. This is I believe the most underrated Beatles album- it usually gets passed over when the question of favorite/ best Beatles albums come up but I’ve always seen it as a big jump from their first two albums in song writing quality and it’s just an album that makes me fell happy. It’s not a big statement album or anything too complicated. Just a great soundtrack to The Beatles best movie.


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