2018 NFL Mock Draft Pick #5 – Denver Broncos – G Quenton Nelson Notre Dame

Hans has done a great job on the first four picks. Honestly here is likely where everyone’s mock draft is toast on draft night. It may happen earlier with the Giants pick, but if i were going to bet on the draft (and soon you might be able to depending on what SCOTUS decides in the coming weeks) there is no way that Denver is drafting here. I think after the first QB’s come off the board panic will set in and Buffalo or someone will trade too many picks to get here. Denver may be able to trade down and still get the QB they want depending on the draft day frenzy.

However for this exercise we will assume that Denver will actually be making this pick. They signed Case Keenum this off season and they need to protect him. Denver went tackle last season. The talking heads always say that a top ten pick is too early for a guard, but if you need is interior lineman do you pass on the best available because it is too early?

blah blah blah – Denver takes the 6’5″ 325lb Guard from Notre Dame.