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The New York Jets have moved up to the #3 draft with one thing in mind- to get themselves a franchise quarterback. They haven’t had a franchise quarterback since– well a fellow named Joe Willie Namath. They have had decent quarterback’s over the years but not a top flight one. With this pick they will no doubt at least attempt to do that.

With the 3rd overall pick the New York Jets will select QB Josh Rosen UCLA. 6’4″ 210 4.85 in the 40. Rosen is considered the most polished and ready to play in the NFL quarterback prospect in the draft. Does that mean he will be the best quarterback coming out of the draft? Who knows but I do think he will possibly be the one quarterback who is drafted this year who doesn’t need to sit and learn for a year- it’s possibly he could step in and start from day 1. He is a pocket passer and has the best mechanics of any of the quarterbacks this year. I like his chances of doing well with the Jets- he is a big city guy- coming out of Los Angeles- sure NYC is different but it won’t be the culture shock of say a Josh Allen leaving Wyoming for NYC. How Rosen does again will depend on the team the Jets build around him. One plus is he won’t be going to Cleveland.