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Once again Quinn and I will do a mock draft leading up to the NFL Draft which comes up at the end of the month. I will do the East and North Divisions and Quinn will handle the teams in the South and West.

The laughing stock of the NFL and the American sports world the Cleveland Browns have the first selection coming off their 0-16 season. Last two seasons 1-31. Pathetic. They have needs all over the place and a ton of draft choices this year- including the #1 and #4 overall. They could just take the best player available regardless of position and improve themselves.

The Browns haven’t had success at the quarterback position in the nearly twenty years since the franchise returned to the NFL. I would be pressed to name who their best QB has been- maybe Derek Anderson for one season? In the draft with their first ever pick in 1999 they chose Tim Couch out of Kentucky- he was a flop and basically out of the league in five years having started 59 games for the Browns. Since that first draft pick they have selected three quarterbacks in round 1- all were at the #22 pick in the first round. All three were miserable failures- 2007- Brady Quinn, 2012 Brandon Weeden-{I can still remember the laughs Quinn and I had over that pick} and in 2014 the more than famous-he’s infamous Johnny Football Manziel.

The Browns acquired Tyrod Taylor from the Bills in the off-season, he should be their starter in 2018. I am not sold on Tyrod Taylor being all that great. In a league where teams are desperate for quarterbacks the Bills were more than willing to let him go. I think Taylor is a good stop gap. The Browns have no clue as how to develop a quarterback-they drafted in round 2 last year Deshone Kizer out of Notre Dame- and he wasn’t ready for the NFL- he needed to sit for a couple years so of course the Browns throw him to the lions- he starts the season as the quarterback and fails and has since been traded to Green Bay. Quinn and I talked about this last year and not that we can see the future but with Cleveland it’s pretty easy. Even when they took Kizer last year we both thought- the Browns will be taking a quarterback at the top of round 1 next year with the first pick in the draft. The Browns not only don’t know how to develop a quarterback they have no patience. Will they be reaching for another quarterback in 2019? With any other team you’d think not but we are talking about the Clowns here.

So the Browns have the first pick in the draft. With their lack of success in drafting quarterbacks and passing in recent years on other quarterbacks in the draft I think they have to take a quarterback with the first overall pick. The reports out of Cleveland over the past couple months have been sketchy as to which quarterback they like the best. One day it seems to be one guy the next day another. They have been a little quieter than usual about their thinking which is probably good. Anyhow-

With the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select QB Sam Darnold-USC. 6-3 221 4.85 in the 40. He had an up and down year last year at USC- too many turnovers. The recent lack of success of USC QBs in the NFL has to make you shake your head a little. If Darnold the right pick for a cold weather team in a hard hitting division? The Browns need to have patience with him. I wouldn’t even think of playing him in 2018. The Browns need to bring in a quarterback guru and work with him. He is not ready for the NFL right now- if they throw him out there on week 1 or week 4 they will just ruin another quarterback.  There are at least four quarterbacks who should go fairly early in the draft- Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Baker Football Mayfield. Who will end up being the best? It might depend on the teams these guys go to.



  1. I would contend Brian Hoyer would be the best of their recent dismal qb history. Todd Haley will make something work with the new qb, correct?

    • The Todd Haley hire was most likely a good one unless they tar and feather him and run him out of town. He can be abrasive. I don’t see Hue Jackson surviving the 2018 season.

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