A black-and-white photograph of the Beatles' faces on a black background with the band members wearing black turtleneck sweaters

  • THE BEATLES: WITH THE BEATLES: 1963: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS:VINYL: This- The Beatles second album released in the UK- came out on November 22, 1963. I read on some blog a few days ago someone claiming this is The Beatles worst album. I would disagree but the one thing it is lacking is a big bang Beatles hit single. The Beatles had singles out there at the time but they were just that-singles not included on the album. Nearly half the songs are covers. The most famous original would probably be Paul’s “All My Loving.” I picked up this and Beatles For Sale on Friday in my buying up The Beatles reissues on vinyl. My least favorite Beatles album is Let It Be, by the way.


  • THE BEATLES: BEATLES FOR SALE: 1964: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The Beatles finished a hectic 1964 with this release in December. Eight originals and six covers, at this point in time they were having a hard time keeping up with all the touring, making the movie “A Hard Day’s Night and also writing and recording. I look at 1964 and wonder how they did all this. My favorites on this album- I’m A Loser, No Reply, Eight Days A Week, I’ll Follow The Sun and I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party. The only Beatles cover of a Buddy Holly song [Buddy was one of their heroes} appears on this album- Words Of Love.

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  • CAPTAIN BEEFHEART: TROUT MASK REPLICA: 1969: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: At Easter dinner today my brother and I were talking about this album- and when I got home I put it on. Mrs. Postcard had never heard it before and it immediately put her in a bad mood. …. I wrote a week or so ago about The Velvet Underground and The Ramones and how they deserved more success than they received at the time they were around. Captain Beefheart as far as record sales and hits had very little success but it would have to be in a different universe where music like this would be popular. When I read about this album forty years ago- I had to go out and purchase it. It was immediately the strangest thing I’d ever heard and all these years later it probably still is. It wasn’t an album I immediately liked but with each listening I grew to like it more and more. This album was produced by Captain Beefheart’s more famous friend Frank Zappa and contains pieces of about any genre of music you can imagine while inventing a few along the way. Film Director David Lynch a fellow weirdie calls this album his favorite album ever. It is a strange and bizarre album. Favorite songs- the first three on side 1 [This is a double album clocking in at just under 79 minutes} Frownland, The Dust Blows Forward N The Dust Blows Back, Dachau Blues, ¬†Moonlight On Vermont, Pachuco Cadaver, Orange Claw Hammer and China Pig.