The Beatles Song Of The Day “Ask Me Why”


The Beatles Song of the Day is “Ask Me Why” which appears on their debut album “Please Please Me’ This was the sixth song on side 1 of the album [I miss albums and there was a science to how to sequence and album. Now all that is lost with CD’s and every  other format} After there straight covers we are back to a Lennon-McCartney original. This Lennon-McCartney song was written by John Lennon. John Lennon: Lead vocal and rhythm guitar/ Paul McCartney: Bass guitar and harmony vocal/ George Harrison: Lead guitar and harmony vocal/ Ringo Starr: Drums. Recorded at Abbey Road on  November 26th, 1962. Producer: George Martin. This is an early Lennon song written under the influence of Smokey Robinson. Lennon’s words are superior to the music, which sounds rushed. This song was just a knock off B-Side. Nothing special.

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  1. I’ve begun to take much of the Fabs’ pre-Rubber Soul work for granted, which is a silly thing to do. I haven’t listened to this album for about a year, but I’m hearing the harmonies from this song in my head right now as I type. There was just nothing like it.

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