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  • BILLY JOEL: 52ND STREET: 1978: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: VINYL: Joel’s follow up to his breakout “The Stranger.” A good solid album which won the Grammy for Best Album- which is kind of a stretch I think. Three hits from the album- “Big Shot”, ‘My Life” and “Honesty” which oddly enough are the first three songs on the album. Side 2 is much stronger than side 2- and the material doesn’t match “The Stranger”-but I’d have to say that was a tall order to fill.

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  • THE CRANBERRIES: EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT, SO WHY CAN’T WE? 1993: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: IPOD: An outstanding debut album from The Cranberries. Sold 5 million in the US-back when albums still sold in the millions. Includes the classic “Linger” “Sunday” and my favorite Cranberries song ‘Dreams.” What a voice Dolores O’Riordan had- sad to hear of her passing a couple months ago.

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  • CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL:1968: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: IPOD: A promising debut which showed a lot of potential-which would be realized the following year. The albums is best remembered for its covers of “Susie Q” which became CCR’s first hit and the cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song “I Put A Spell On You.” The best original- “Porterville.”

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  • CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: BAYOU COUNTRY: 1969: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: IPOD:  The debut was good but this is better and they would keep improving over the next few albums. It is hard for me to put my mind around this but in 1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival was touring constantly and still released three albums. Heck, this decade U2 has released only two albums. CCR wasn’t only releasing new albums they were releasing great albums chocked full of hit singles. Favorite songs here-‘Born On The Bayou”, “Bootleg” and the classic “Proud Mary.” It would even get better folks.


  • THE BEATLES: MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR: 1967: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I don’t think of this as a regular Beatles album because it really wasn’t. Some of these songs were written for the television movie “Magical Mystery Tour” which was viewed as The Beatles first big failure at the time but I think has I think over the years gained a little love. It wasn’t Citizen Kane but it wasn’t Ishtar either. It was ok. Some of the songs had been released earlier as singles-“Strawberry Fields Forever/ Penny Lane” and “All You Need Is Love/ Baby You’re A Rich Man”– an excellent collection of songs here. “Hello Goodbye/ I Am The Walrus” would also be released as a single. Also on this soundtrack is the only Beatles song that the writing credit goes to all four Beatles- the instrumental ‘Flying.”

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    • Good point- most of the stuff I have bought- I like- I wouldn’t go out and buy say a Justin Bieber album– but there are some I don’t care for- I will dig out a couple and give them a listen! I like that idea. There have been some clunkers but I tend to have put them aside after a while and not bother with them again.

    • The Grammy Awards have been so conservative. Yes- Darkness On The Edge of Town- Elvis Costello This Years Model, The Talking Heads- More Songs About Buildings And Food- The Stones- Some Girls.. etc all better than 52nd Street…. I think 1978 was the year A Taste of Honey beat out Elvis Costello for the top newcomer or whatever they call it.

    • Yeah, I said Darkness because I figure it’s mainstream enough that it would be acceptable. Looks like 52nd Street won in the 1980 ceremony must have been released late in 1978. Beat Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers, The Doobie Brothers, and Supertramp, which is a pretty conservative list.

  1. While I oftentimes complain how mediocre I find most of today‘s mainstream music, personally, I prefer to write about stuff I dig – that’s even more the case when it comes to actually listening to music.

    Why waste time with music one doesn’t like? Life’s too short, plus once you switch on the TV or read the news, there is so much negativity all around us. I don’t feel like I need more of that!

    • We agree on today’s mainstream music. Do you think it has to do with our age? Sometimes I wonder that but I honestly think that has little to do with it.

    • Maybe a little. I guess I’m probably old-fashioned in the sense that I believe music should include true craftsmanship, meaning real instruments and real singing. If great lyrics are part of the mix, even better!

      To me, most of today’s music sounds generic and computer-generated without any soul. I’m also not a fan of lyrics that include one foul word after the other.

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