I’ve been a fan of Lyle Lovett’s since his first album in the mid-1980’s. I have all of his albums and have seen him in concert a few times- his concerts were outstanding. He is of course most famous to the world for his short time as Julia Roberts husband. He has also done a lot of acting through the years. For whatever reason- his best work in my opinion were in his first ten years of putting out albums- 1986-96. In this century so far he has only put out 4 albums of new material and it’s been 5ive and a half years since his last album ‘Rescue Me.”

The mid- 1980’s there were a number of exciting new country acts to get excited about- Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoacam, and Randy Travis. This was just before the Anti-Hank-Barf Brooks arrived. As Steve Earle stated in a recent interview the only interesting music coming out of Nashville these days is by woman and Chris Stapleton.

The t-shirt above celebrates his song “If I Had A Boat” on his second album Pontiac.

And if I had a boat
I’d go out on the ocean
And if I had a pony
I’d ride him on my boat
And we could all together
Go out on the ocean
I said me upon my pony on my boat

Those are the lyrics that start the song-and are what is illustrated in the t-shirt. I bought this at one of his concerts. Maybe that was the only t-shirt they were selling? Back then I would buy concert t-shirts. Until a recent Steve Earle concert I hadn’t bought a concert t-shirt in ages.