So i am guessing that not many of the current Astros have watched the movie Bull Durham – because they did not respect the streak. Lets see you have a 10 game cushion over anyone else in the American League, you have a 15 game lead over everyone in your division, so you decide to go out and anger the baseball deities.

And guess what – they heard you. You were close to getting Collin McHugh back, Dallas Keuchel back, and being back at full strength. No you had to mess with a good thing – lets bury Beltran’s glove. So now you better have a resurrection for it, because Carlos Correa is gone for the next 6-8 weeks.

Guys we have never been this good in my lifetime. We are so close. The championship belts are cool and all, but please no more shenanigans.

Thankfully he will recover, and thankfully it was not George Springer. Because as Springer goes so goes the Astros. This is our guy that makes the engine go.

I am still with you on the bandwagon guys, but lets not get stupid until we win something. This is a good thing that you were playing almost 700 ball, because you have the cushion to absorb a loss like this.

get well Carlos, we can’t do it without you.