There are times technology really annoys and frustrates me- when things go wrong. But I am hooked on technology. When I think about when I was growing up in the 1970’s and compare it to today, it is really a different world. Some of the things I depend on every day were not around back then- the home computer, the internet, the Iphone and my IPods I use on a daily basis. In the past year I have given thought to one day taking off from technology. I have thought about it but haven’t seriously tried it.

My favorite toys are my IPODS. I thought back in the early 80’s when the Walkman came out -that was the ultimate, how could you improve on that? In 2004 on a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. we were riding on the DC Metro and I noticed how every commuter it seemed had an Ipod and their ear buds plugged in. I decided then that I needed one. I own a lot of cds so I bought the one with the most storage. At the time I am thinking it was 120 GB Ipod Classic. That Ipod lasted a good 4-5 years until it died. I then got a second one didn’t last as long. I then bought a 3rd one and then last year a 4th one- these ones are 160GB.. the one in the blue covering right now is full with 27, 647 songs on it. It is still working well. I have two laptops with ITunes on them -different music on each- so I bought my 4th IPOD- and that one has 21,277 songs on it. I use these IPODS every single day. The batteries are holding up well and over the years the ear buds have improved. I also have an IHome that I use now and then.

The one thing that depresses me is I am becoming a dinosaur. The Ipod is dying out. They quit making the Ipod classic a few years ago [I bought my 4th one after they quit making them- mostly due to the fact they quit making them.} I don’t see many people these days walking around with Ipods. The last time I was on the DC Metro-last fall everyone aboard  didn’t have them on. Some did but it wasn’t the craze it was in 2004. I’ve thought about purchasing another one while I can- just to have it for reserve.



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