Goal- to listen to 1500 different albums in a period of 12 months.

TODAY- Listened to 6 different albums. Total for 58 days- 357 different albums. On pace for 2247.

  • ATLANTIC RHYTHM AND BLUES: 1947-1974: DISC 5: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. Now into the 1960’s- Otis Redding, Joe Tex, Solomon Burke,  The Drifters highlight this disc.
  • ELVIS COSTELLO: BRUTAL YOUTH: 1994: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. A return to form- EC”s best album since “Blood and Chocolate”- the difference to me is better songs and back to the fury of old. He seems fully committed on this one.
  • DAVID BOWIE: HUNKY DORY: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Excellent set featuring some of Bowie’s most enduring songs- “Life On Mars” and  “Changes” plus “Kooks”, “Oh You Pretty Things.’ Bowie didn’t have any hits off this in the US and the album peaked at #57 on the album charts but he had arrived. Bowie now had an audience. He considered this one of his most important albums.
  • TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS: INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN: 1991: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. Seems to be a continuation of “Full Moon Fever” which isn’t a bad thing. Good songwriting. I remember Tom remarking once that his getting together with The Traveling Wilbury’s really improved his writing. This is 100 times better than the previous album credited to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
  • THE RAMONES: HALFWAY TO SANITY: 1987: The worst album in The Ramones catalog. They seemed to want to be a metal band here. I’d only recommend this album if you feel you need to have everything The Ramones ever released. “I’m Not Jesus” is easily the worst song The Ramones ever did. How did this garbage get released?
  • LITTLE RICHARD:  THE GEORGIA PEACH: 1991: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. 25 of Richard’s greatest hits. There has been no one else quite like Richard. A song like Tutti Fruitti even 60 years after the fact sounds way out there I can’t imagine in 1955 when Little Richard dropped that song on the world. The thought that Little Richard was dropped off on one of those flying saucers that was visiting earth so frequently in the late 40’s and 50’s- has crossed my mind.

2 responses to “PROJECT 1500 DIFFERENT ALBUMS- DAY 58- 5.28.17

  1. “Hunky Dory” has always been my favourite album by Bowie. Rick Wakeman’s piano accompaniment to some startling songs. It’s also sits comfortably in my all time top ten records

  2. Wow all-time top 10? that is impressive. Another thing I do like about the album is- it seems very uncluttered- an easy listen.

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