I was first turned on to The Beatles by my friend Andy. After going out and buying all The Beatles albums- at about a pace of one every week and devouring their music and reading everything on them I could [which I am still doing 41 years later} I turned myself on to Bob Dylan. Or maybe I should say The Beatles turned me on to Dylan. I’ve always had an interest on what interests my favorites. In reading about The Beatles I realized what a big influence they had on The Beatles so I went out and got “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits.” “Like A Rolling Stone” on first listen became my favorite song ever-and remains so.” So I started buying up the Bob Dylan catalog. The first NEW Dylan album for me was “Street Legal” in 1978. I almost missed a bus and saw Dizzy Gillespie because of that album.

My friend Randy and I would regularly take a bus to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates on a Saturday. The bus would drop us off and pick us up in downtown Pittsburgh across the street from a National Record Mart. After the game I had enough time I thought to run over and buy the newly released Bob Dylan “Street Legal” and The Rolling Stones “Some Girls.” I knew I didn’t have much time so I ran over got the albums and as I was paying for them {the records cost $4.99 can you imagine that?} I look out and see the bus was there. I ran out and just caught the bus on time. I asked Randy- what if I hadn’t made it, would you have waited for me or got on the bus? {the next bus wasn’t heading our way for another six hours} and he said “We would have gone and seen Dizzy Gillespie”… Gillespie was playing a free concert that night at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. At the time I was glad to have caught the bus, now I wish I had missed it and had seen Gillespie.

Anyway- over the years I’ve remained a huge Bob fan. He ranks second to The Beatles in my book.  Today, Bob- who at the Concert For Bangladesh- Beatle George introduced as “I’d like to bring on a friend of us all- Mr. Bob Dylan” – turns 76. Happy Birthday Bob. And I will go out today and purchase the only officially released Bob I don’t have- the new triple album “Triplicate.”

Mount Rushmore of Favorite Bob Dylan Albums-

“Highway 61 Revisited”/ “Blonde On Blonde”/ “Blood On The Tracks”/ “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.


Mount Rushmore of Favorite Bob Dylan Songs- [at least for the moment]

“Like A Rolling Stone”/ Mr. Tambourine Man”/ “Hurricane”/ “Desolation Row.”