2017 NFL Mock Draft pick 26 – Seattle Seahawks – Kevin King CB Washington

This pick was going to be Malik McDowell, but the more I think about things sometime before Thursday’s first round kicks off that someone will make a deal with Seattle and Richard Sherman will no longer with the Seahawks. With Sherman gone, the Seahawks will have an IMMEDIATE need at corner. (Although to be fair the have IMMEDIATE NEEDS on the OLine and never seem to address protecting their most valuable asset in Russell Wilson. No really guys just grab some former basketball player that has never played football before and throw him up there at left tackle – I mean really What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Of course they somehow seem to still make the playoffs but at the cost of the health of Wilson.) Ok sorry, got a little off base there.

King is a big corner 6’3″ 200lbs so he should be able to handle the NFL receivers. King seems to be one of draft risers. He may not be here when Seattle picks. Again this is all pending on a deal for Dick Sherman. If that deal does not happen, King could still be the pick, but likely DL. I can understand passing on OL this draft, it is not a seemingly big OLine draft.

Seahawks will take Kevin King CB Washington.