A life changing moment- in the fall of 1977 I became great friends with Andy. He was a year older than I was. One day I was wearing a Pittsburgh Pirate t-shirt- and turns out he was a stone cold Pirate fan too.  We would hang out during our free period at the school library. One day he brought in a Beatles album- it was the double ‘best of” 1967-70 album. Up to this point I wasn’t a music fan. When I was young I liked the country music my father liked but as I got older my interest was sports.

Andy had that album with him and I was curious. Of course I had heard of The Beatles but I only knew the very basics- I knew their names and a few songs. I asked Andy about them and he talked most of the period about them. The way he talked about the songs on that album made me want to hear The Beatles. On the next trip out I bought what at that time was the newest Beatles product- double album of their best rock songs called “Rock N Roll”– it had a very ugly cover. {I still have the album} It wasn’t exactly the greatest introduction to The Beatles- the 2 “Best of’s”– 1962-66/ 1967-1970 would have been much better [they would be my second and third Beatles buys} but the only one the store had was what I bought. The next week I bought the two “Best of’s– the Red and Blue albums as they are called. I listened to those two double albums for a month constantly. I thought for sure I had all The Beatles I’d need. Then I started reading about The Beatles and would read about songs that were on neither album. I wanted to hear those songs- so I started buying up all the Beatles albums and realized that every song they did seemed to be essential. {The Beatles albums I was buying were the US releases which were different from the UK versions-which wouldn’t be released in the US until the late 1980’s- the UK versions far superior} Anyway thanks to Andy I was hooked on The Beatles and forty years later still am. No one else is close. Of course I soon branched out to other great music but it was Andy and his bringing in that Beatles “Blue” album that jumped started it all. If he hadn’t brought that album in that day would I have eventually discovered The Beatles? Probably but who knows. I’ve thanked him often over the years- a big life changing moment that he played a big part in.

I bought the above t-shirt at a Sam Goody store a year and a half ago. I have to say it is not a very comfortable t-shirt. I like the design and all but the material just doesn’t feel comfortable. My favorite Beatles t-shirts over the years have been the ones with the album covers on them.


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