2017 Mock Draft pick 24 – Oakland Raiders – Jarrad Davis LB Florida

I think I have admitted this before, that I am a Raiders fan. The Raiders leaving Oakland is troublesome to me, and I know what the fans are feeling. I was there when Bud Adams took the Oilers and left Houston for the greener pastures of Tennessee. What I will be interested to watch is how the Raiders will fare with virtually no home field advantage. If I am not mistaken this will be the first time a contender type team is abandoning its city to move on, in this case Vegas. The Oilers were terrible when they moved, same with the Rams and Chargers of late. We will never know how things might have been once Derek Carr went down with an injury last season, but I dont think they lose in week 17, I think they win the division, and do not have to go on the road to face the Texans. Anyway.

Rumors are that Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement and has a contract with Oakland. Seattle and Oakland still need to work out the trade. They have the best OLine in the game. Solid QB solid WRs. This is a team that can contend – hopefully as nomads because if the Raider fans stay away more of the opposing teams fans will be in those seats.

Defense is the way to go here. Honestly I was hoping Haason Reddick would be here, but once again Hans has done his homework. The best defensive player available that fits a need is Jarrad Davis LB Florida. Davis is 6’1″ 238lbs. He stepped in right away as a freshman in the SEC. Has had a few dings injury wise, but would be a great pickup for the Raiders here.

Oakland will select Jarrad Davis LB Florida.