John Brown nearly 158 years since his death remains one of the most decisive figures in American history. Usually as time passes and the people of the time pass on the edge comes off the emotions generations have passed and still the mention of John Brown will bring strong feelings from people both for and against Brown. You rarely see anyone who is knowledgeable about Brown and doesn’t have a strong feeling on him. Was he crazy or one of the most insightful people in America of his era?  Maybe a little of both. He was certainly a man obsessed with one thing- ending slavery in America and his actions at Harpers Ferry, Virginia [now West Virginia} helped to bring about the war that ended slavery- so Brown, a man who had failed at about everything in his life but fathering children [he fathered 20 children, 11 survived to adulthood.} Hero or Terrorist? I guess with a lot of history it depends on which side you were on.

I have been to Harpers Ferry where John Brown’s raid took place and nearby Charles Town where his trial was held and were he was executed countless times. Beautiful area, the most visited place in West Virginia. I have read a number of books on Brown, seen all the documentaries.  They have a very nice little museum in Harpers Ferry on Brown- right across the street from the fire house where he was captured. You can also go over into Maryland about 5ive miles and visit the Kennedy Farm where he was living for a few months before his raid- where they did the planning and training. Going to Gettysburg in a few weeks and on the way back will stop at Harpers Ferry for a few hours.

The t-shirt above is one I ordered online recently. I also got a poster of the Tragic Prelude- by John Steuart Curry. Gun in one hand- the Bible in the other.

I am by the way in the Pro- John Brown camp.