The Browns acquired this pick from the Philadelphia Eagles. They seem to be debating as I write this between picking Myles Garrett with the #1 overall pick or Mitch Trubisky. I have seen numerous mock drafts which have Trubisky going with the #12 pick. So far in our mock draft no quarterback has been taken. I am not saying Quinn and I will be proven right but we do not feel that there is a quarterback worth taking in the top 10. When you take a quarterback in the first round you are making a commitment for the next 5 years. I am not sold on any of this years quarterbacks but at #12 the Browns are in need of a quarterback. They also have a slew of draft picks this year and next year and they are in desperate need of players at any position- in other words they won’t be going to the playoffs anytime soon– but if they nail these picks they have the next two years- they should be a contender by the end of the decade. If they do what they usually do- and blow these picks I am convinced they will have no hope ever.

With the #12 pick in the NFL draft the Cleveland Browns selected Mitch Trubisky- QB- North Carolina. 6’2″ 222  4.67 in the 40. He is strong and athletic, has a quick release and has mobility. One thing he lacks is experience, he was only a regular one year at North Carolina. The Browns need to take him and be patient- something the Browns have shown little of since they returned to the NFL. I don’t know if you throw him in their game 1- but how can Brock Osweiler hold down the job? This would not be a situation like the Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers and letting him sit and learn- with Favre as QB there was no pressure to get Rodgers in there. With the Browns after 4 games they will be 0-4 and Osweiler will be Osweiler and the Brown faithful will be wanting to see Trubisky. The Browns need to have patience. If he gets in there and struggles-which is likely- stay the course. Also- after his rookie season- don’t go firing the head coach and the offensive coordinator- and having him go into his second year having to start all over.



  1. i know we are hard on the browns (not as bad as we are on Jimmy Carter) but would you even give me odds that this is what cleveland does – draft Trubisky first overall then trade the 12th pick and next years first and about 4 other picks to get the second pick to get Garrett? this is clowns logic.

    • Who knows maybe they do a Ditka and trade the entire draft to get the 1 an 2 picks. If I were SF I’d call and make the offer…

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