The first sport that I got into as a kid was baseball when I was six. A couple years later I started following the NFL and for a couple years I really wasn’t a fan of any team. In 1970 I became a Steelers fan. That was Chuck Noll’s second year, they were 1-13 in 1969 but they were the local team so looking back I am glad I got on board {Who would have known what was coming up?} Noll knew what he was doing and the Steelers made the playoffs for the first time in 1972 and won their first ever playoff game, on the most unlikely play in NFL history- Franco Harris’ Immaculate reception. From 1974-79- a period of six seasons they would win six Super Bowls. I watched every game. Those teams will remain my favorite teams. There would be a dry spell, the Steelers won their 4th Super Bowl in January 1980. They would be up and down over the next 25 years but they were never truly awful. A terrible season for the Steelers would be 6-10. Finally in February 2006 they would win their 5th Super Bowl and a few years later February 2009 their 6th. I still follow the NFL but not like I used to but I watch every Steeler game.

In my life as a fan I’ve been very fortunate. I think of Cleveland fan who went from 1964 and the Browns winning the NFL Championship [a couple years before the Super Bowl era}- no championships until last years NBA with the Cavaliers. My teams in my lifetime-my Pirates have won two- 1971 and 1979 [ the Pirates are my favorite team in sports, baseball my favorite sport} Steelers with their four championships, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won four Stanley Cups since the early 1990’s, and in college football 1976 Pitt Panthers. If I were to be granted one more championship- no question I’d want to see the Pirates win one more World Series.

The t-shirt was a Christmas gift from ten  years ago- with 4 players from the great 1970’s teams- Franco Harris,  Joe Greene [the greatest player in franchise history], Rocky Bleier, Jack Lambert and Big Ben from the current era. The t-shirt was from before their 6th Super Bowl- I notice it says 5 time Super Bowl Champions. No other team has won 6, but the New England Patriots with 5 could soon be joining them.


  1. I am a long suffering Cleveland fan. Compared to Pittsburgh legacy of annual success, I learned to appreciate the smaller moments of glory for my team. Brian Hoyer and Joe Haden making a good play come to mind.

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