2017 NFL Mock Draft 2nd Pick San Francisco 49ers – Solomon Thomas DE Stanford

Hans and I do this every couple of years for different reasons. One we like to see if we should be getting paid for this, the same as the other ‘experts’ out there. Last time we did this our number of hits and players actually selected in the first round was better than that of everyone on espn, nfl network, and all but one of the predictions out there. The other is it gives us both something to talk about, with our favorite teams and how we see the future of the nfl. hope that you enjoy.

Hans and I speak often on the nfl and teams. While the Browns are seemingly in a bad league of their own, we are continually amazed at how dysfunctional the teams at the top of the draft are. It is difficult to fathom that the Niners were only a play away from being champions not too long ago, yet here they are in the second slot of the draft, and have an abundance of needs. Same for the next team up after this – the Bears.

Myles Garrett is the consensus overall pick – Solomon Thomas seems to fit right in with what the 49ers need. There are some rumblings that the Niners attempt to trade down here, but to keep our mock simple we will draft a player for the team at their pick,

The Niners cleaned house after last season. Chip Kelly is gone and likely headed back to the college level. Honestly I liked some of the things that Kelly would do, and some left me scratching my head. Anyway, Trent Baalke the GM has also been cashiered. Now in the fold are Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. This is the maiden voyage for both men in their respective positions. Shanahan was the “it” guy this offseason as coach and Lynch leaves the safety and comfort of the booth for the GM slot.

Several ‘issues’ happened for the Niners as well last season. If you are an old white guy Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem was any number of adjectives harmful to the team. If you are not an old white guy then his actions were any number of adjectives of free speech. No matter our thoughts, Kaepernick was not good on the field for any number of reasons, and this team was not good either. Kaepernick is in free agency limbo currently, and the Niners have rostered Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley. Neither will be the QB of the future, but for now either will do while they acquire talent – starting with Solomon Thomas.

At 6’3″ 273 lbs, Solomon Thomas should be a destructive force in the front seven for many years to come. He does many things well, but does not have the complete package just yet. No doubt his bowl game helped his draft stock immensely. If there is one thing that could be a question mark it is was he a one year wonder in college or is this the base line of his NFL journey?

With the second pick the San Francisco 49ers will select Solomon Thomas DE Stanford.



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  1. I don’t know if I’ve seen a franchise fall this quickly unexpectedly- in the Super Bowl they played against the Ravens I can recall the announcers speaking about the 49ers becoming a dynasty. They would lose that Super Bowl but they had coming up- a number of high draft choices added via trades. They didn’t seem to have any holes on their team. Not liking head coach Jim Hardball all that much I wasn’t looking forward to the next few years. Then the bottom immediately fell out of the tub. Hardball was in a struggle for power and leaves and now entering 2017 they will have their 4th head coach in four seasons. They have also had over the past couple years have players leave through early retirement, the Krapernick issues- not only involving the national anthem but once the leagues defensive coordinators got some film on him he was easily solved. Who would have thought a few years ago that SF was about to become– Cleveland West?

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